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Haze and Jasen
Haze & Jasen is a live radio show and podcast from the A100 Radio Network Milwaukee and EDGE Podcast Network. The show has hit in the TOP 5 of the Apple iTunes Podcasts charts with nearly EVERY episode, plus we're part of the iHeartRadio network (one of the largest and most-influential podcast platforms in the United States). Our show is about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Whether it be celebrity gossip with our segment "The Dirty", or just talking about important social issues like body positivity and mental health, we always make the audience's day a little bit better. That's the motive we base our show off of: If we can make a listener's day more enjoyable (or at least put a smile on their face), we've succeeded. We are a rapidly growing show, and having so much success with only 20 episodes, you can guarantee we can sell your product or business to our loyal and growing listening family. An added bonus of advertising is the free inclusion of your ad-spot on A100 Radio, one of the LARGEST independent online radio stations in the world. A100 garners over 200,000 total listening hours from over 170 countries. We want to hear from you, and for our audience to hear about your product or business. Contact us today! - The Haze & Jasen Show airs LIVE on A100 Radio, Wednesdays 7pm ET to 9pm ET. Podcast replays are posted the following day, Thursdays at 12pm ET on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Spreaker, TuneIn, Mixcloud, Stitcher, and wherever you hear podcasts.
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