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My show consists of me and occasional guests talking about modern topics such as movies, news, opinions on Politically Correct points of view, personal stories and other miscellaneous topics. The goal of my show is to always bring a smile to someones face by constantly injecting a humorous point of view to mostly anything we talk about. My audience has ranged from anyone from 17 to 35 years old. Everyone could use a good laugh to be quite honest. My audience will constantly tune in to hear what we have to say that particular week. Although our podcast is fairly new, we are working to grow our audience further and further. I will help promote your business in the most convincing manner using my optimal selling techniques and making the audience chuckle all while giving strong points as to why your business is to be taken into strong consideration. I really enjoy talking about different products and engaging people into them. I will be your gateway to help expand your business in not just a fun way but also an effective one as well. Below is the description to my podcast that the audience sees when visiting my profile on either iTunes or Soundcloud. "Have you ever wondered what life would be like without dill pickles? Do do pigs fly? If they do what is their diet? Has someone ever smiled at you and all you saw was a helpless chimpanzee begging for it's life? Do flowers feel pain when we yank off a petal at a time? There are no limits as to what can be discussed on this series. I Am a Laughster, a podcast about nothing and everything."
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