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No Nonsense Podcast
Just 2 guys talking about everything that's anything (Sports, Movies/TV, Current Events, Food/Beer, Music, Etc...) Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Twitter - @nononsensepod Instagram - nononsensepodcast Email Our audience is a wide range of people because that is what our show is meant to do. We like to talk about all types of different things to reach out to more people but also not too much stuff because we do like to stay on certain topics for a decent amount of time. We have about 80 to 100 listens a show which doesn't seem like a lot but that was only after 6 episodes. It seems to be growing but now we are looking for ways to get the word out there about it more and also start to make profit off of it. We do have a collaboration already with a brand called dapper apparel and we have our own no nonsense podcast collection on there. I and my partner and our producer all think that getting a sponsorship will help with growth because it will help get us what we need to be able to reach out to more and more people which in turns then helps not only us but also the sponsor because the name of their business and company will be out there. We did have sound issues in the first 5 weeks because my partner or I had ever done anything like this before. After week 5 we knew we needed to do something so we went out and found a producer/tech guy to help us out and the episodes instantly got better and started getting more and more listens. All in all we are just 2 guys doing something we love to do trying to make it into something bigger than we could have ever imagined and we have already accomplished big achievements for only have been doing this for less than 6 months! Thanks, The No Nonsense Crew
DisputeSports is a weekly 30 minute podcast show where two buddies (Kyle Neumann and Rhett Hensley) from the Hoosiers state (Indiana) get together to talk about all things sports! Anything Sports. Anytime. Anywhere.The target audience is both male and female ranging from ages 18-24 and ages 35-44. However, DisputeSports can be for anyone at any age that is interested in sports on all levels and is looking for an entertaining, informing, and dispute style podcast. DisputeSports is featured in iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, Spreaker, SoundCloud, and YouTube! Whether you are an IOS person or an Android person, whether you use a laptop, tablet, or a mobile device; DisputeSports is available to you for your listening pleasure! DisputeSports is a growing podcast that is committed to its' audience. DisputeSports is promoted well on social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) and on all of the hosting providers mentioned above; as well as the podcast website,! This level of commitment to the show is the same level of commitment DisputeSports with Kyle Neumann and Rhett Hensley will promote your advertising business. They will utilize the social media often with your ads. They will mention your business multiple times throughout their weekly podcast shows, making it clear who sponsors DisputeSports. This will frequently get your business in their listeners ears. Also, Kyle Neumann and Rhett Hensley welcome guests on their show from time to time and have a special segment on every show called "No Disputing." These things offer more opportunities for you advertisers to have your own unique part of the show. For example, it is now time for "No Disputing," brought to you by (Ad); or DisputeSports is proud to welcome in (John Doe) as this weeks guest of the show, a reminder that all guests on DisputeSports are brought to you by (ad). Kyle Neumann and Rhett Hensley love to engage with their audience. They know the importance of building relationships and will always strive to do so. All of this is why you should advertise with us. DisputeSports will not let you down.
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