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Serial Chillers Podcast
The Serial Chillers Podcast is hosted by me Jesse and each week I sit down with old friends, new friends, good friends and bad friends to tell a story of an infamous serial killer. Throughout the show the guests, or "Serial Chillers" as I call them, chime in and have stories that, are True crime, dark, creepy, unsolved or otherwise mysterious. Additionally it is a gameshow. The Serial Chillers come locked and loaded with a story of their own as well as compete to be the winner of the show. They answer questions about a serial killer that they may or may not have knowledge about. We have a lot of great stories that come through and even though it is essentially a true crime serial killer podcast, we have a good laugh from time to time. My audience while growing is diverse and active. They really like some of the cross platform stuff I have going, like streaming video games and the social media pages. I have a current show "sponsor" with a promo code and they are active shoppers using this promo code for a clothing/beer accessories brand. I would like to find a few advertisers who I feel would benefit from advertising on this show due to the high number or engagements that it receives, and how active the fanbase is. I am very active on the social medias and as I stated above I also do video game streaming and guest spots on other podcasts as often as I can. If there was a company willing to advertise with my show, I would make sure you got far more than your money's worth while making you wonder why you hadn't advertised here sooner. I think that paired with the right advertisers we could both share a very successful relationship that is mutually beneficial. Thanks
Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast
We are three friends that rewatch the 90's television show Unsolved Mysteries (Robert Stack years) and retell the stories providing the latest updates and we mean latest, one segment in E12 went unsolved for 30 years until February of 2018. We delve into the histories of the investigation to give background to these cases and discuss what got this case solved or what (or who) prevented or hindered a successful investigation. The stories that we cover range from the very silly to the truly heartbreaking and we will leave you laughing, crying and occasionally outraged. We joke around, have potty mouths and a lot of snark but respect for the victim(s) and empathy for their loved ones is of the utmost importance to us. We are a new podcast with only 12 complete episodes but we have over 15,000 downloads, with our last two episodes doubling the download rate in 24 hours than all previous episodes. It's very exciting. Our feedback and been largely positive with reviews like, "Binge-worthy" and "Obsessed". Our listeners have have been rating and reviewing us daily and are spreading the word. We have a listener created Facebook Group and a Facebook Fan Page and our official Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast Facebook Page has 3k followers. We are also very active on IG and Twitter and so are our fans. They are asking for mini episodes, extra content and how they can support the show. It's clear to us that our show will grow exponentially and that our fan base is dedicated to spreading the word and our success. Therefore, advertising with Re-Solved Mysteries will reach an audience that is excited, loyal and willing to purchase to show support for a fledgling but fast growing podcast. Additionally, with Netflix's new announcement that they will be creating a new Unsolved Mysteries show, the buzz around Unsolved Mysteries has reached an all time high and so far, has been taking us with it. Call it a Halo Effect but for every post about the reboot on UM, there are fans tagging our show and telling others to start there. Also, we plan on utilizing the reboot to provide even more content for our podcast. Along with seeking advertising, we are also actively advertising. We are actively seeking new opportunities with other podcasts across topics and regions to gain more exposure and listeners. Advertise with us, we are going to continue to grow at a rapid rate! Join us!
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