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Give Me A Break Radio Hour with Bobby Pizazz
GIVE ME A BREAK Radio Hour with your host Bobby Pizazz. Bobby has some great Ideas and this ought to be a show that is Off the Hook, with Real, take your gloves off Talent, .... What it IS: We will feature Songwriters and Artists who share their in and outs of the Business of Music and the Art of Songwriting. Discuss New Music Business Models in use today. A place were Artists and Songwriters can safely have an opportunity to share their Music, Insights and Life Stories.. Give Me A Break Radio primary purpose is to educate up-coming singer/songwriters artists about the ins and out of the business, new recording software programs they can buy, and from time to time we have musical instrument makers, vocal coached, recording studio owners, publishers and engineers. We intend to help people avoid the rip-offs of the sharks of this business, I wish I could name names for you to avoid, but I can't, I would get sued. What it is NOT!!!! A place for negativity, slamming comments, or any other form of derogatory remarks... Current events and topics can and will be discussed. bluntly, truthfully ... "Hi Folks I'm Bobby Pizazz and I am a Singer/SongWriter Performing Artist and Host and Producer of GIVE ME A BREAK Radio/TV Show, and I'm very honored to share the stage with some of the Greatest Singer/Songwriters on the Planet and the best Up-and-Coming Artists." Bobby Pizazz All materials presented on the GMAB radio program are royalty free as agreed to by the owners thereof, and the programming is presented for educational and informational purposes as no artist, writer of publisher are paid for their appearance
Support is Sexy
Five days a week — Monday through Friday — each episode of the Support is Sexy podcast brings you captivating interviews with inspiring women entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives, who open up and get real about their entrepreneurial journeys: where they started, when they struggled and how they still made it happen. Along with hearing true stories about their wins and their lessons, listeners get insight, advice and inspiration that will help them make powerful shifts in their businesses and their lives! Having it all doesn’t mean doing it all alone. And nothing is sexier than women supporting women! Support is Sexy is hosted by Elayne Fluker, a media entrepreneur, who has worked in media for 20 years at brands like Conde Nast, People, Martha Stewart and Huffington Post, and has appeared on Today show, Nightline, CNN and VH1, and panels at the UN, Columbia University and Spelman college discussing women and leadership! Elayne is founder of Chic Rebellion Media, a multimedia company that creates transformative content to engage and empower women. Sponsors and partners of Support is Sexy reach passionate women who are determined to make a dent in the world by owning businesses and creating products and services that will have massive impact. These women are seeking tools, resources and brands that support their vision and goals for making their businesses and their lives even better! In addition to the podcast being featured across multiple platforms such as iheart radio, iTunes, Stitcher radio, Soundcloud and YouTube, we house our content on The largest segments of our audience are: Women: 74% Ages 25-34: 36% Ages 35-44: 26% Ages 45-54: 18% 94% of our downloads for Support is Sexy are in the United States, with the top 5 regions of New York, California, New Jersey, Virginia and Florida. We look forward to partnering with you and sharing your brand with our audience of passionate go-getter women!
All About Skills
“It’s All About Skills” is a series of programs that describe the eight “Critical Skills” that you, your children, your grandchildren and all of us need to succeed – as well as to ensure the survival of our constitutional republic. The skills were derived not from simple surveys but from hard data from the kinds of skills that organizations – public and private – actually look for when they hire individuals who will have an impact on the organization. Of course there are other sets of skills – most of which come from articles written or surveys conducted for the purpose of publishing an article in a magazine or newspaper. That doesn’t matter – the “Critical Skills” are timeless and are congruent with whatever set of skills you choose. The point is that these are easy to remember, to learn, and to apply. The first nine programs consist of an introduction to the series and each subsequent program focusing on one of the Critical Skills. Programs following the introductory series will focus on perspectives and experiences of others – teachers, businesses, parents, students, executive recruiters, career coaches, politicians, etc. – in teaching, using and assessing the skills. Some programs will focus on specific programs and/or activities that a teacher can do in classrooms – or that parents who home school their children can do.
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