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Teachers Need Teachers
The Teachers Need Teachers is the podcast for new and beginning teachers to help them navigate through those crazy first years of teaching while maintaining their sanity AND personal life. Teachers Need Teachers is inspired by the questions beginning teachers are asking around the web, plus the questions that they didn’t know you should ask! A lot of educational podcasts out there are geared for teachers who’ve been teaching a bit longer, but they don’t break it down for those that are either just fresh from completing their training or are still stumbling through their third year. As a beginning teacher mentor and coach, I’m here to clear the confusion and help these teachers figure out what to focus on so that they’ll have the most positive impact in their classrooms without losing their freaking mind. This isn’t your average show for teachers. We talk about real topics in a real and raw way because beginning teachers want someone to answer their questions and be brutally honest. I serve up a mix of tough love and cheerleader, and I to cut through the BS and negativity that some teachers bring to the table. We drop a new episode every Monday morning so that new teachers can get their weekly fix of teacher talk. That Beachbody or gym workout may be for tightening abs and glutes, but Teachers Need Teachers is here to tighten their teaching game.
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