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The Liberty Weekly Podcast
The Liberty Weekly Podcast is a show about niche libertarian topics including: voluntarism, anarcho-capitalism, property rights, libertarian legal theory, and Austrian economics. The show features discussions on related topics in the realm of: current events, geopolitics, and social issues. The Podcast also features guest interviews with similar content producers between 1-3 times monthly. We are listed as explicit, but only curse very sporadically. We have presence on a multitude of social media platforms, including: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Bitchute, Steemit, Minds, and To promote products, we offer ad spots on the podcast either self-made or direct from the advertiser. We also offer direct marketing through a targeted email list, which currently includes 91 contacts. Our email list is growing consistently, along with our audience. We also offer space for banner advertisements on our web page. Because of the niche nature of our audience, and because of our status as two young guys, our audience has become excited by our show. This is because they see us as fulfilling a need in the marketplace. Our audience supports the cause of liberty and likewise, will support us because we are part of the movement. Our audience also supports us because we are trustworthy and strive constantly to offer them value in the form of entertainment, news, knowledge, and specialized product discounts and recommendations. Our audience is interested in Cryptocurrencies, Internet Security and VPNs, Education, Craft Beer, Survivalism/Prepping, economics, finance, and related books. We are new content producers and have achieved a fair level of success in growing our business.Correspondingly, we can offer competitive rates. We very much look forward to working with you!
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