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BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast
BGMania is a weekly video game music podcast. Every Wednesday, Bryan and Frank from Level Down Games present a selection of video game music for the listening pleasure of the audience based on a theme, series, composer, game, or an eclectic mix! They listen to portions of tracks from games, then discuss the actual music itself, such as how it made them feel, what was going on at the time in the game when the music was playing, facts about the composers or the games themselves, and just our general experience with each game if we've actually played it. BGMania is more or less a video game radio show that allows us to express not only our love for gaming, but also the music found within the games themselves. Our audience typically falls in the 18-50 age range, skewed toward the male gender, though we do have a sizeable female audience as well. The average listener for BGMania is someone that has a deep and personal love for the compositions found in our favorite games, likes to hear other people's thoughts on the music, and find out information on the composers. We also know that our audience trusts us, as we have a lot of cross-over listeners with our Max Level Podcast, and they use our experiences and reviews with the games we discuss to formulate decisions on whether the game is worth it. For advertisers and/or sponsors of the BGMania Podcast and Level Down Games, we want to endorse products we personally believe it and that we know will be a benefit to the overall core of our listeners. We are certainly open to discussion and proposals from anyone and everyone, and will look at everything on a case by case basis.
Max Level: A Video Game Podcast
Max Level is a weekly all-purpose gaming podcast every Monday. Starring the crew from Level Down Games, Bryan is generally joined by Frank, Sean, and Kyle, or a combination of the three. Every week, they like to discuss a few interesting topics during the show that are currently relevant, while having a ton of fun. The cast also goes in-depth with the games they've been playing over the past week, with most of the games coinciding with their release dates since Level Down Games does have access to a majority of new release games. There's fun and silly segments thrown in as well, such as Tavern Talk, a Metacritic Guessing Game, Kickstart My Heart (where we highlight a current game seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter), and Bonus Stage (a trivia game). We guarantee a fun and comedic show each and every week, while providing thought-provoking discussions and expressing our love for all things video games. Our audience typically falls in the 18-50 age range, skewed heavily toward the male gender, but we do have a decent amount of female listeners as well. The average listener for Max Level is someone that is a die-hard gamer and enjoys listening to people chat about the latest and greatest games, while also keeping the love for retro games flowing too. Our audience also uses our experiences and reviews of each game (which are not only discussed during the podcast, but can also be found on our website) to determine whether a game is worth purchasing, since more often than not, we have access to the games before they release. Therefore, we know our audience trusts us, which we are very grateful for. For advertisers and/or sponsors of the Max Level Podcast and Level Down Games, we want to endorse products we personally believe it and that we know will be a benefit to the overall core of our listeners. We are certainly open to discussion and proposals from anyone and everyone, and will look at everything on a case by case basis.
Destiny Reset Podcast
The Destiny Reset Podcast is all about the hobby, communities, and lifestyle that has formed around the video game “Destiny” developed by Bungie & Published by Activision. Similar to phenomena such as the World of Warcraft community that was created in the Early 2000’s, Destiny has developed into a complete Hobby for many of its players, and commands a user base of over 20 million registered users, with a full sequel releasing September 6th, 2017. A PC version of Destiny 2 is also set to release October 24th. Now with over 100 episodes published, Destiny Reset Podcast brings fresh, relatable commentary to its listeners on actively improving gameplay, the newest strategies, prolific guests such as Twitch Streamers, Youtubers, Podcasters, and Community Members, and offers a community launchpad for like-minded gamers to find a home. Our show typically releases weekly every Tuesday and is an average of 1.5 hours in length. Lance (Aer0Knight) and Nathan (CyborgSasquatch) met one day on and quickly found chemistry as Co-Hosts and business partners. With similar backgrounds, families, and fascinations with Destiny, we have become cornerstones of the Destiny Community. Our focus on positivity, healthy criticism, and the creation of a family-driven community has developed a very loyal and dedicated fanbase that returns week after week to consume whatever content we create for them. Over 100 episodes, we have created trust and authority with our audience in relation to the play styles, attitudes, and even spending decisions we recommend to them. We also both maintain growing channels on where we more directly entertain and interact with our fan base. Our average listener is aged between 18-40, male, and located in the continental US. While we do boast a diverse and international listenership, we find the majority of our listeners to fit within this category. We also are able to bring a very committed community to the table--we have a “Clan” of over 1600 members and growing, that nest within our Partnered Discord Servers. This gives us direct access to our most vocal and engaged portion of our community who look to us for leadership, advice, what to play, how to play, and even what devices and services to use. We utilize this tool to gain constant insight into what people are interested in hearing and learning about on our show. We typically offer midroll advertisements to sponsors--we find this is the most effective time to speak to our audience when they are sufficiently engaged, and still fit within our existing show format. We seek sponsorships with companies that provide services or products that we believe in and patronize ourselves. We only offer our brand to products and services that we believe will genuinly benefit our audience. This maintains trust and authority with our audience, and produces better results for our sponsors.
The Broadswords
The Broadswords is an all women actual play Dungeon and Dragons podcast focused on story, narrative, and inclusivity at the gaming table. OUR AUDIENCE Nerdy Millennials. Our target audience member is inclusive and loves to be involved in fandoms. They make fanart, fan fiction, cosplay, and just want to enjoy the characters and stories we, and others, create. Supporting creators is important to them. DOWNLOADS Avg: 650 per episode per month. This is rising and will continue to rise due to hooking up with Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro) for the Podcasts of Foes event: and a soon to be announced event. Victoria Rogers, the creator/producer/editor of The Broadswords, worked with Wizards of the Coast and organized the event. She is sitting on various panels at GenCon 2018 alongside the folks from Godsfall, The RPG Academy, The Dungeon Rats, and Travis McElroy. She will have a small role during one of the Hello From the Magic Tavern live shows. Polygon has also covered the Podcasts of Foes event, where The Broadswords is mentioned: PROMOTION We are offering ad slots at the end of our episodes before a short blooper reel. We have put the blooper reel at the very end so that people listen to the ads. We are open to other possible slots, but we would like to discuss that first.
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