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Planner Lifestyle Podcast
Our Services: What can Planner Lifestyle Podcast do for you? We will craft an authentic message to promote your service or product based on your "talking points". Your ad will be host-read for an integrative listening experience. Our Purpose: Planner Lifestyle Podcast is dedicated to the form and function of creatively scheduling life in a planner. More than just a how-to show, it highlights the personal lives and stories behind the people who plan. Our Motto: "Behind Every Planner, There is a Person & Behind Every Person, There is a Story" Our Show: One well-spoken and humorous host, Jessica McWilliams shares weekly interviews with a variety of members from the planner community. By diving into their passion for planning, discussions cover the skills, diversity, and beauty created from the art of planning. Our Format: Planner Lifestyle Podcast provides 45 minutes to 1 hour of content, which is divided into Welcome/ Intro, 3 Main Segments and 3 Mini-Games and Outro. Our Listeners: Listeners are from the planner community, which currently dominates the paper crafting industry with their purchases. I maintain connections with my listeners online as well as real life. I belong to a hobbyist club called Minnesota Planner Addicts, which meets in real life about once a month. I actively use Instagram as a powerful visual platform to communicate with listeners and promote my podcast.
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