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There is Life After Layoff with Host Ali (Alicia
There is Life After Layoff with Ali is a live talk radio to podcast show that focuses on the mental and social health of individuals who have suffered a job layoff. Host "Ali" went through 3 major corporate job layoffs following college. Her 3rd layoff came at a time when she just started having her children and balancing motherhood and being a wife and in a household that needed two incomes. Ali decided to take a different path with her husband and supporting extended family and faithful supporters to enter the world of entrepreneurship to allow her more time to raise her small children. Ali started a Blog writing about her emotional journey from corporate america. From the success of her Blog she coordinated with Melinda Davis Executive Producer of the them Atlanta Life Radio (now branded as Up2Me Radio) and started a live talk show/podcast called There is Life After Layoff. There is Life After Layoff is the longest running show on the Up2Me Radio Network starting in 2015 and entering its 6th season.. The audience that connects with this show are other individuals with a story of job layoffs, emotional confusion, and others suffering a unexpected life altering experience. All businesses that support this show will be promoted through the Up2Me Radio website, social media pages, the There is Life After Layoff Blog and through of course through a syndicated show first aired live then in podcast syndication remaining available and accessible on demand.
Burnt Out to Lit Up
The Burnt Out to Lit Up podcast is a holistic wellness podcast for healthcare professionals. We’re made up of an occupational/physical therapist team (we’re also married) and we get so lit up when it comes to this podcast. We have dedicated this podcast to helping healthcare professionals grow personally and professionally, navigate stress and burnout, and live their most lit up lives. We aim to not just to provide information about overcoming burnout and adversities, but also empower listeners to prioritize their own health and well-being in order to thrive. You should advertise on our show because we will ensure that we will add personal touches (usually with humor if appropriate) and make our listeners feel confident about your product. Our show experiences 25% organic download growth per month. We have 40+ raving reviews on iTunes since our birth in January 2018. We have had amazing guests on our show- from the dietitian of the Miami Marlins to Thrive Global contributors and more, we have had a variety of guests in the health, wellness, and medical field that captivate our listeners. We also take our email list seriously. We religiously send at least one weekly email to our list with weekly blog/podcast mentions in order to maintain and grow a warm, genuine connection with our audience. We are eager to partner with brands we align with and naturally promote not just in podcast episodes, but in our accompanying blog posts, email lists, and ever-growing Instagram accounts ( and @burntouttolitup). We are excited to take this next step forward in working with brands that we can feel 100% comfortable and confident sharing about to our audience and help contribute to the growth and business of these brands.
Up2Me Radio - OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show
The OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show is a live talk radio to podcast broadcast. OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show is hosted by Maura Gale, Actress, Film Producer, Author. The show's theme song was written and spoken by Maura Gale. Maura is known to many for her role in the HARPO Film "Their Eyes were Watching God" with Oprah Winfrey. Other credits include her appearance on television shows such as NYPD and most recently in a recurring role on Saints and Sinners. Maura is also a inspirational spoken word artist and is known as a inspirational midwife. Maura is gifted with the power of inspirational speech to empower, inspire and motivate individuals to pursue their passions for a purpose filled life and most of all to be the best that they can be! Maura speaks to other creatives in the entertainment industry struggling to balance their careers and family and also to those inspiring to birth a business as a entrepreneur. Maura brings on subject matter experts to speak on various topics as well as individuals willing to share their story and journeys and the wisdom gained from their experiences with success and failures. The OMG audience is eclectic as many aspiring artists and other creatives tune in and join into the conversation. Individuals drawn to Maura's magnetic personality tune in. As a professional motivational speaker Maura tours the US speaking at many industry events reaching and teaching and promoting her show. Maura promotes the show on her professional website Maura Gale Worldwide. Businesses that support the show with a sponsor ad will be promoted through the Up2Me Radio website and during the shows live broadcast to include all pre and post broadcast promotion activities to include social media. Maura does a wonderful Facebook live promotion before each episode to her large personal following.
Up2Me Radio - A Healthier View Podcast
A Healthier View podcast is produced and aired on the Up2Me Live Talk and Podcast Network. New Episodes air biweekly and cover health and wellness topics. The podcast has a educational component on specific topics coupled with the story, journey, testimony of how a individual faced their fears, learned more about their persona health, made the decision to incorporate healthier habits into their activities of daily living and how they are doing now. This format serves to inform, educate, inspire and motivate our listeners to take action to have a healthier view so that they can make changes in their own lives toward wellness (mind, body & spirit). Show Description for our Audience: What is your view on health, your health? Join us as we discuss relevant topics that help to shape your view to inspire and motivate you into action to be all that you can be. During A Healthier View Podcast we will talk about all things health and wellness geared around spirit, mind and body (nutrition, chronic disease management, fitness, healthy living, prevention, mood disorders, relationships and so much more) Join Hosts Beth and Chris for an engaging and entertaining conversation on all things health and wellness. What is your story? We want to hear from you so that your story can help someone else. It's Up2Me with "A Healthier View" to be a.all that I can be! Audience The audience of this show targets women and men between the ages of 34-64, 65 and older who desire to learn more about how they can incorporate new habits into their activities of daily living to either prevent or maintain chronic diseases. A strong educational component is incorporated into each episode based on the topic so that as the title of the podcast infers that the listener has a "Healthier View" on a specific health and wellness topic while being educating and then being inspired by hearing a persona story or testimony from someone who has made the changes in their life to live healthier and happier. Special Note: This show was originally called Going Gym Free and was changed to A Healthier View in 2018. This podcast is building its audience from the initial audience of the Going Gym Free Show. How we can promote your business Health and Wellness products that are naturally based to support healthier living and educational products are best suited for this type of podcast. We will have the Hosts read or speak about your product/service as a part of the script to include pre show promotion, ad insertions during the podcast, and post promotion of the podcast for our on demand listening audience. Promotions will include social media mentions with ad photo images or videos on the show page for this podcast.
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