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Travel Medicine Podcast
3 Currently practicing docs in internal medicine, pediatrics, and surgery create a Medical show for nonmedical people. Each week we cover a topic related to travel and medicine to make it approachable, understandable, and fun for our audience. In the past we have spoken with african witch doctors about tribal medicine, opera singers about speaking and vocal techniques, flight attendants about medical emergencies, space pharmacists about space medicine and management in the air and many more. We also twice a month perform a roundup of medical news and devices in the public eye, discussing the facts behind the click bait titles and make medical journal approachable teaching people to feel more comfortable talking to their doctor and improving their health and education about their body Our audience is varied in age from twenty year olds to 60 year olds, of all educational levels ranging from medical professionals to laypeople who have an interest in any kind of science, learning, and entertainment. Many listen to other science based podcasts like radiolab and startalk. They are intelligent, curious, and motivated to seek out products that improve their health, sanity and overall well being We will promote any business that shares our values of public education and entertainment in multiple ways. Traditional pre, post and mid-roll ads, frequent callbacks to the product in the same episode or over several episodes in natural conversation, cross promotion on our social media sites, and of course the added benefit of an actual doctors recommendation
The Brave New Weed Podcast
Brave New Weed Podcast is the voice of the post prohibitionist era. Hosted by author Joe Dolce, and co-host Matthew Hendershot, the discussions are guaranteed to be fun, fearless, and informed. Following the critical success of Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, Joe Dolce is is producing The Brave New Weed Podcast. The show features fearless and informed discussions with pioneers in every area of cannabis today: technology, health, entertainment, medical treatment, food, plant and medical science, research, and culture. “The cannabis renaissance is in full force and it’s powered by the same creative energy as the tech boom of the 1980s,” says Dolce. “Science is leading the way to new advances and products. The image of the spacey stoner is fading away. Seniors are using the plant for healing and relief, and 29 US states and countries including Canada, Israel, Uruguay, Holland, Jamaica allow some legal access to cannabis. It’s time to end the 80-year prohibition and set the record straight about the real benefits and risks.” Initial broadcasts featured: Ethan Nadelmann, Founder; Drug Policy Alliance, on the brave new landscape of cannabis in Trumpland Dr. Julie Holland, psychiatrist and author of The Pot Book, on cannabis and mental illness, spirituality and the importance of fun for mental health Michael Backes, author of Cannabis Pharmacy, on dosing, micro-dosing, strain hunting, design your ideal high Dr. Lester Grinspoon, psychiatrist, author of the groundbreaking 1972 classic Marihuana Reconsidered, and great friend of fellow cannabists Carl Sagan and Stephen Jay Gould. Joseph Bondy, one of the top 10 trial lawyers in the US who has spent his career defending drug offenders Mara Gordon, founder Zelda’s collective, on treating certain forms of cancer with cannabis.
Community Garden Revolution for 2nd Largest Market
My various platforms currently have 900,000 minimum visits that is reached monthly. After each show I send to Twitter, on Facebook pages, on FREE App "Community Garden News", mentioned in my Digital Magazine "Community Garden Magazine" that is on in the Health section. I have the chance to be on KCAA in San Bernardino, CA, which also owns 2 other radio stations that this show can be on immediately. They are wanting a 26 week term, each term, to be on the radio. The cost is $150 a week you pay to KCAA and to me it is $65 a month, each can be paid monthly. The reach on KCAA is a minimum of 5 Million people, since right outside of Los Angeles, CA, in the next county, and, has a minimum of 400,000 audience reach measured for time slots this Radio Station has. This would be a weekly radio show and sometimes he has open Drive time or on the Weekend in the morning. The owner contacted me to see if I can be on the air and that can happen with Sponsorship/Advertising. We can play your ads or I can read a script of what you want me to say. This past year I was listed with other Podcasts with Stitcher Radio which sold the volume of podcasts on an App for $4.5 Million dollars. Last year, I was listed as one of the Top 40 Podcasts to listen to of interesting subject matters. Thanks! for your consideration. Mary K. Hukill, Radio Show Host, Publisher, Producer, Author email:
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