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The Trail Runners Experience
Welcome to The Trail Runners Experience. Conversations about trail running by trail runners. Includes training tips/advice and personal race experiences. The Trail Runners Experience podcast puts the spotlight on the growing sport of trail running. Guests include international elite trail runners, coaches, experts in the fields of sports dietetics, physiotherapy and 'average' trail runners with unique perspectives. Lucy Bartholomew, elite Australian ultra runner, was a featured guest. Lucy discussed her success at the prestigious Western States Endurance 100 miler (the most prestigious ultra marathon on the planet) where she placed 3rd. Brendan Davies, elite Australian ultra runner and coach, was also a featured guest on the podcast. He discussed his prolific racing and coaching career, as well his recent win at Australia's most prestigious trail ultra, Ultra Trail Australia. Trail running is a sport that is growing on a global scale at an exponential rate. People that love trail running, love to listen to people talk about trail running and will often listen to the Trail Runners Experience whilst trail running. The Trail Runners Experience podcast is a relatively new podcast but it is growing rapidly with the trail running audience. There are no shortage of topics to talk about and I foresee huge potential for this podcast in the coming year. I would love to promote your business on my podcast so that I might be able to continue to grow and develop my podcast audience. I want to work with YOU to make your business grow at the same exponential rate that trail running is growing. Your success is my success!
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