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Super Human Radio
Super Human Radio has been in continuous production for over 14+ years now ( ) we reach a forward leaning audience of what Packaged facts referred to at "Fit Consumers in the USA" in their 2008 study. This segment of the US population ads up to over 50 million Americans who place a great deal of value in personal responsibility for their health. The also control over $2.2 Trillion in household incomes. They go to the gym. Play recreational sports whenever possible. Are more likely to buy supplements, hormone replacement therapy, own mutual funds, buy new cars, shop online and more.These "Fit Consumers" come to Super Human Radio to get salient information that will have a direct effect on their lives and the lives of their family. Many have been with us for 10+ years. They have grown with, and through the show's growth. One such company is Quest Nutrition. They came to Super Human Radio to promote their revolutionary new bar and the rest is history. Here is a quote form the company's CEO and Co-founder Ron Penna: "We have enjoyed a very long relationship with Super Human Radio. Carl is the perfect host as he's able to blend product information into his program in a way that seamlessly offers INFORMATION rather than a sales pitch. His listeners know that he is passionate about finding the truth and that he changes his mind as he learns rather than sticking to a consistent dogma. We have gained many new customers and strengthened relationships with old ones. Super Human Radio is also our favorite platform for educating some of the most important customers we have - thought leaders and influencers. It's next to impossible to find platforms that let you truly educate and Carl's show has let us do that for years. We have tried many things over the years and none can I recommend more strongly than his show." Give us a try and see what many call the "Super Human Radio Bump" can do for your brand.
Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson
On Being Well, bestselling authors Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson explore how we can grow the key inner strengths we need for lasting well-being in this ever-changing world. Airing weekly since 2018, Being Well has built a devoted audience of listeners, and consistently ranks among the top mental health podcasts in the world. Dr. Hanson is a psychologist with 35+ years of clinical experience, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, and the author of Buddha’s Brain and Hardwiring Happiness among other books. Every week Rick and Forrest discuss key take-aways from the psychological sciences that help listeners understand and overcome common challenges like anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences. They're regularly joined by guests that include some of the most well-known names in the self-help and psychology spaces, including: • Dr. Angela Duckworth • Charles Duhigg • Dr. Daniel Goleman • Gabrielle Bernstein • Dr. Bruce Perry • Tara Brach Being Well has been downloaded over 1.5 million times since the start of 2021, and advertises each episode to our mailing list of 200K+. In addition to a personal endorsement from Forrest, sponsors receive a direct link to their offering in the blog post created for every episode. Rick has been building his personal following for decades, and the shows listeners are highly loyal to the brand. Previous sponsors that have run successful campaigns through Being Well are BetterHelp, HelloFresh, Calm, Skillshare, and Audible, alongside other major advertisers. The podcast’s audience is a bit older, more educated, and significantly more affluent than average for the segment. Similar podcasts include The Peter Attia Drive, Bulletproof Radio, and Ten Percent Happier.
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