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Up2Me Radio - It Is Our Time Podcast
It Is Our Time Podcast hosted by Belinda Baker is produced by and aired on the Up2Me Radio Live Talk and Podcast Network. Show Description “It’s our Time” Podcast celebrates the season of opportunity for women becoming empowered to be major influencers and decision makers as they balance careers, businesses, family and their spiritual life. Going to a hair salon is a common experience women share. As a part of the salon “experience” client’s share personal stories with their stylist and joining in on salon conversations on everyday topics ranging from family announcements, to the latest restaurant and life transitions. A hair salon provides an environment for a variety of cultural conversations with most-in-the-know women at the top of a wide range of fields. Women share, they share issues that they care about and opportunities exist to build a strong support system that empowers leadership and self -awareness towards personal purpose. The “Power of the Conversation” stimulates additional opportunities for women to connect, talk and become an inspiration and provide motivation into action, making these conversations powerful as potential influencers in careers, businesses, politics and general consumerism. Our Audience: Our niche audience are women and men who go to or work in a the hair salon, hair care product professionals and professional stylists. How we will promote your business We will promote your business with all promotions for this show that include Up2Me Radio website and It Is Our Time Show page, Social Media postings on Facebook and Twitter, newsletter notifications to subscribers for this show and newsletter notifications to subscribers to the Host and owner of SalonBKB.
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