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Thirsty Bitch Podcast - Keyth David & Aamyko
Thirst Bitch Podcast is hosted by DJ Keyth David & Aamyko. Their shows will entertain you with a Adult Witty banter and interviews with some of the biggest names in the gay adult industry. We have recently been #1 several times in the Gay and Lesbian Genre on Podomatic charts. We've broadcast LIVE from the Prowler European Porn Awards from the Red Carpet and Stage side, educated listeners with a live HIV test on air with BioSure for World Aids Day, Interviews global djs and porn actors and much more. We have had sponsors from Bathmate, Clonezone, Prowler, Best Gay Life and hopefully YOU! Make sure that you Subscribe to us via Apple Podcasts and Spotify or visit Here is a little about your hosts. Keyth David Starting his career as a DJ back in 1997 in Yorkshire, England on vinyl, Keyth has progressed from Djing in the University Nightclub to having been resident in one of the most famous night clubs in the world, Heaven, London and running his own successful club nights Pop Da Funk in Leeds, #ThirstyBitch at Heaven with Aamyko and a 1 off special, 12 hour, roof terrace event, RnB Soho at the Century Club, London. Back in 2008 he co-founded Reflect Media UK, collaborating with Producers and Singers world wide to produce the best House music, single and album releases on labels such as Hed Kandi, Fierce Angels, Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, House Session Records to name but a few and covering 4 continents. Aamyko Simply put SPINS THE HOTTEST, SEXED-UP SLUT-JAMZ ON EARTH! ☆ MUTHA-FUNKIN DJ ☆ Resident DJ: @GymboxOfficial (Covent Garden, Bank) & @village_soho Makeup Whore
Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs
Praised by NPR as "the thing that's making us happy this week"***, Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs (MASTAS) features two arts and entertainment journalists -- Mark Blankenship and Sarah D. Bunting -- discussing pop songs they feel passionately about. Both Mark and Sarah are longtime music dorks who get VERY enthusiastic about everything from Salt-n-Pepa's greatest hits to Jewel's worst cultural crimes. MASTAS has reached the top 5 of the iTunes Music Podcast chart and in less than a year has been dowloaded over 100K times. Our regular episodes receive 2200 downloads in the first 60 days, and our themed episodes receive between 3000-5000 downloads in the first 60 days. Episodes of MASTAS are generally centered around a single song, though some rank every song on an album or explore a particularly theme (Christmas songs, left-y political songs, etc.) The discussions always range far and wide. No matter what, however, MASTAS remains lighthearted, and smart. Blank space weird problems with metadata. The hosts are opinionated and lively, but never snarky. MASTAS posts a new episode almost every Thursday. ABOUT THE HOSTS: Sarah D. Bunting is the co-founder of both Television Without Pity (and co-author of the TWoP book) and Previously.TV. Her website Tomato Nation has been prominent for over fifteen years, and her writing has appeared in Salon, The New York Times Magazine, and many others. Mark Blankenship is a noted theatre journalist who created and edits the magazine TDF Stages. He also has written for The New York Times (and NYT Magazine), The Village Voice, Variety, Salon, Vulture, and many others. He is the producer and director of the documentary film series Meet the Theatre, and he has appeared as a cultural commentator on CNN, The Joy Behar Show, and the CBC. In 2015, he lived the nerd dream by competing on Jeopardy! *** NPR reference occurred on the December 21, 2016 episode of the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour. The MASTAS praise begins at 41:37.
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