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Music Makers and Soul Shakers with Steve Dawson
Music Makers and Soul Shakers is a weekly podcast featuring long-form interviews with musicians, producers and music business people that focuses on their career, their creative process and the art of recording. It features leading artists from the Americana world, which includes folk, rock, blues, jazz, and indie music. The listenership is very dedicated and eager, regularly contributing and commenting, as well as bringing new subjects to the table. The podcast fills a niche in that there are many music podcasts, but none that feature such in-depth interviews, and the listeners can expect to hear artists and musicians speaking about the kind of music they enjoy. The artists featured are very supportive and every week, their audiences are exposed to the podcast, so while it is relatively new, it grows each week. I am a full-time musician and producer, which gives me an interesting perspective, and access to artists that many would not have. I am able to relate to the guests in many ways and they tend to open up in a way they do not in a regular interview. This makes for captivating conversations, and most listeners listen tot he entire show, which is usually well over an hour. I am a Juno Award winning producer and artist and receive publicity for my career regularly that also highlights the podcast. The popular website just called my podcast one of the top 2 podcasts about this kind of music, and had this to say: "Dawson's ability to create an environment where the stories flow freely and openly is noteworthy. Budding podcasters would be wise to take note of the techniques both he employs in his work and consider building a landscape of smarter, better ‘casts that deepen our knowledge rather than serve as platforms for our more prurient interests. This show serves a critical role in the chronicling and advancement of Americana and roots music." Read the full article here:
Pocket Rock Podcast
The podcast is about reviving LIVE EVENTS!!! Be in live music, arts and craft fairs, or any other type of live event. We focus a lot on the live music scene from the level of the local or regional musician or artist . The goal is to build upon a dying community by allowing bands, artists, and entertainers to use our platform FREE of charge to promote their shows and events. Be it a call into the show or in studio we love to simply have a conversation with these great people with amazing talents. One of our biggest supporters is a band by the name The Velcro Pygmies and they have shared out iTunes link in the past. Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with the front man, Cam Flener who said the Podcast is a fantastic addition to a community that is in dire need of synergy. We have also been offered a spot on the newest project for The Velcro Pygmies newest streaming page known as VPTV. It is a page on Facebook that allows both pre-recorded and live streaming. There is a website in the works for this as well. It will be Our audience is the average music and arts fan. The fan that still goes out on a monthly or weekly dates to art fairs and festivals. The fan that understands the talents of live music and enjoys the production of it. The fan who is a musician but supports other bands in their free time. The fan who learned how to play guitar and wants a glimpse into the next level. The dreamer, the doer, and the over all live life to the fullest. We do have teenagers listen and/or to the show but it's mainly the teen who has a parent in the scene and has grown up around it or the art student wanting to learn how other artist get their visions. We will help promote your business by purchasing your product and not just talk about it but present it on our video feed when we record the podcast. We will take the product with us to events we attend and educate people on the product. Most importantly when we speak about the product we will believe in it.
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