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The Pop Song Professor Podcast
My podcast has a dedicated fanbase of young people who love music, want more of it, and want to understand it better! And I can help you sell your product by endorsing you on my podcast. I have a dry wit but am enthusiastic about the things I love. If I believe in what you're selling, my audience will know it and want to try it themselves. I love segueing into calls-to-action by integrating it with the content of each podcast, so that things don't feel forced (or at least feel ironically forced in a funny way). This podcast will be particularly good at advertising new music, headphone brands, audiobooks, or apps that help my listeners to get closer to their music. The Pop Song Professor Podcast is all about explaining song lyrics of the most popular songs to enthusiastic and deep-thinking listeners. Each episode is dedicated to a single, an album, an interesting question, or a Q&A discussion. Whatever the content, we keep it focused and fun with different guests from all over. We discuss a variety of songs but always with a focus on enabling our listeners to think for themselves and enjoy their music even more than they would have before. Keep in mind that my podcasts are just one of the many aspects of the Pop Song Professor brand. I also have a YouTube channel with 25k+ subscribers, a blog with 9k+ unique visitors per day, and other social media account as well!
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