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Savvy Business Radio
Savvy Business Radio is presently host to over 3.5 million listeners (via our radio, podcast and streaming platforms) around the globe and growing. Savvy Business Radio has featured businesses of all fields, and inspirational individuals of all sorts, including: • Tosca Reno, Canada's leading health expert, best-selling author, columnist, & motivational speaker • Chelsea 'Abingdon' Welch - Pilot, TV Star and CEO of The Abingdon Company • Ben Swann, two-time Emmy Award winning investigative reporter and • Lionel of Lionel Media, renaissance lawyer, legal analyst, and news decoder, just to name a few. Along with our regular business show, we started a new video series entitled: Heartbeat of the World. This series features guests from around the globe, discussing some of the great challenges facing the US and the world today. WHY SAVVY BUSINESS RADIO? As host, Christina has the unique ability to connect with each and every guest at an emotional level setting Savvy Business Radio apart from other broadcasts. If you are an entrepreneur having difficulty reaching your audience and getting your message out to your target market, Savvy Business Radio will help you build the “invisible handshake”, with your prospective clients. When potential clients hear your story and how you can add value to their lives with your talents and gifts, this will build the emotional connection compelling your potential clients to purchase your product, services, or information. Note: The listed reach is for podcast-only distribution, but our full audience is approximately 3.5 million including our radio channels, and is included in podcast campaign distribution at no additional cost.
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