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Mueller, She Wrote
One of the most complex and important historical events in our nation’s history, the Mueller investigation into Trump/Russia collusion and potential obstruction of justice, is extremely elaborate and involves dozens of players. Mueller, She Wrote is the only weekly podcast dedicated to reporting all the news and providing educational information on the terms surrounding the Mueller investigation. The podcast and it's supporting contractors are 100% woman-owned and operated, and pro LGBTQ+. Our audience are liberal-minded, educated and diverse. The show has a format and the arc of each episode is as follows: • JUST THE FACTS: All the week’s news pertaining to Trump-Russia ties • Conjecture and opinions from the hosts and guests noted as theory • Individual focus reporting from AG, Jaleesa, and Jordan as assigned by the host • The Fantasy Indictment League where we make educated picks for the next indictments • SABOTAGE: a weekly segment of last minute breaking news that could affect indictment picks • Questions from our multiple social media sources The Mueller investigation will likely continue well into 2019. We have 17 full episodes and one minisode, and have been on air since December 1st, 2017. Our podcast is released Mondays at 0600 PST with bonus episodes released as needed. We have merchandise including shirts, stickers, totes, and calendars for sale and as giveaways, and we have a weekly newsletter with show notes and bonus content. Social Media • Twitter: @MuellerSheWrote • Facebook: @MuellerSheWrote • Insta: @MuellerSheWrote • • Patreon: • Podbean: • We are also on Google Play and iTunes, and coming soon on SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube Thank you for your consideration.
Eating For Free
Hosted by Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson, Eating For Free is a weekly podcast that discusses emerging social movements and the celebrity figures around them. Each week we'll investigate the use of social justice in and around the pop culture sphere. Whether it's strategic branding of “feminist” messages to sell merchandise or pandering to gay audiences for likes and comments; Eating For Free aims to ask our stars, have you really earned your meal? Our new podcast Eating For Free is already topping the iTunes Charts! Within the first month of release we've been featured in the "New and Noteworthy" category more than 5 times, have stayed in the top 50 comedy podcast for weeks, and constantly see new growth in our listeners. We only expect these rates to rise as more and more people share the show. An editor at Dazed, an ASOS stylist and blogger, and various other influencers on social media are taking notice and shouting us out. Since our listeners are interested in pop culture, celebrities, activism, etc. they tend to share all experiences with the internet. This way, if our customers enjoy a product or service they are likely to shout it out online to their friends! Our listeners are also tuned into the new and trendy businesses opening up in this hyper connected world, and are excited to find out whats new over the old. This way advertising with us hits a specific and shareable market that is not common on other shows.
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