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FuseBox Radio Broadcast
The syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast was founded by DJ Fusion while she was an undergraduate student at the Rutgers University - New Brunswick campus in 1998 at Rutgers University Radio. Along with co-host, fellow mix DJ and business partner Ausar Ra Black Hawk (who became on as a part of the show in 2004), the weekly radio show & podcast exists to bring the Balance Back to Black Radio with having a strong focus on bringing a diverse mix of independent and mainstream Black Music (Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Funk, House & more from all over the world along with relevant commentary on everything from politics to popular culture, news and guest interviews to the international listening masses. From its original roots, the FuseBox Radio Broadcast has spread to over 25+ website, FM & internet radio stations and podcast distribution channels as of June 2017 (listed at ** Most of our Stations & Outlets Tracked via RadioWave Monitor, Mediaguide & SoundExchange. ** Feel free to reach out at anytime to or visit our official website at for more information about lining up interviews, submitting music for airplay, putting the FuseBox Radio Broadcast on your radio station/internet outlet, giving feedback, etc. Also check out the official blog of the FuseBox Radio Broadcast at Thank you all for all of your support! FuseBox Radio Broadcast © 1998 - 2017
"Buried" is a podcast about the disappearance of a young mother from a rural Texas town in 1991. It's about the effect her disappearance had on her three children, her brother and sisters, and those to whom she was romantically linked. And it's about the abject failure of past and present law enforcement representatives, who say they didn't even know she was missing until 2010, to offer any real help to those who seek to put the mystery of her vanishing to rest. Our show's listeners are curious, loyal, and advocates for holding guilty parties accountable. They're passionate about this case and vocal about their desire for the next episode, always. The program is making rounds in true crime and unsolved mystery circles. Our storytelling on this podcast has been covered by multiple news outlets, as listed in the 'press' section of our webpage, Our host and journalist, George Hale, recently won two first place awards from the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters for his beat reporting and investigative reporting related to this story. Together, he and producer Jerrod Knight won first place for 'Use of Actuality,' a recognition of the work we're doing to bring real field audio into the podcast as a necessary element. Our host radio station, 88.9 KETR, has invested significant resource in our production, and we've leveraged that resource into a dedicated following. It's time for us to stand on our own legs and use the podcast to pay for the continued investment in this story. We would be THRILLED to incorporate sponsor messages - our listeners have indicated they'd tolerate this type of messaging and we will be happy to encourage them to patronize your business. We'd love to keep the tone of the public radio station from which we operate in our sponsorship messages (subdued, serious, effective,) but we are willing to work with you to craft something mutually beneficial. We can't wait to enlist your help in the gathering and sharing of this tragic, continuously-relevant story.
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