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The Quest
The Quest is a podcast centered around answering “crisis of faith” style questions. Love, fear, addiction... every question is on the table. We interview pastors, actors, therapist, athletes, addicts and leaders from all walks of life in an attempt to get clarity on who God is and how he moves in our lives. We are at the beginning of our first season and have already made it to the Top 10 ranking in the iTunes store -- we were ranked number three in our category for over a week. Our interviews include; Tim Ryan star of the A&E docu-series, "Dope Man" and Navy Lieutenant and Nascar racer, Jesse Iwuji. We've covered topics on addiction, mental health, God's timing, and brokenness. Our host, is in the midst of her own crisis of faith and is on a quest to get answers. And because she is a seven-time Emmy award winning television producer her journey became not just this podcast but a television program she is creating for season 2. Our audience is primarily Christians in the U.S. (although we have a random surge of followers in Fiji). Through survey's we've found that our viewers are between the ages of 25 and 48 and mostly men (which we find odd, but hey... ). Our highest demographic with in the U.S. is Chicago and Los Angeles with a strong following in both Texas and Florida. Christian millenials are a hard bunch to get a hold of and we have managed to do it. We are young and inquisitive and that's who our audience is... we believe in experiences, we believe in creating our own businesses and our own way of life.
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