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The ITB podcast is ideal for targeting higher education listener with products, services, or widgets developed for time management, health and fitness, ease of use, or anything relevant for post or near college graduate audiences. Ideally we want to help provide advertisements that we believe can help with the struggles and time crunch of medical school where nearly every extra decision, extracurricular, or interest is looked at like an enemy. Medical students need help with everything from shopping for clothes and groceries to figuring out how to afford time for laundry. This makes the audience particularly desirable for most service and convenience products. In June, we reached #5 on the iTunes Medicine Top Podcast Rankings and #45 in Science and Medicine. We have had a 1000% increase in listeners over the past year. The Podcast is averaging 20,000 downloads for the month. We passed 100K downloads in 7/2017. Show Description: "The InsideTheBoards podcast is dedicated to helping you learn to think like a question writer so you can study smarter, not harder. Our goal is to take you "Inside" the boards. With our special series like the Step 1 Study Smarter Series, we aim to dedicate a "season" toward helping you study based on the rhythm of medical education. Throughout the year, look for special "Study Smarter" series. In the Spring it's USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1. Early Summer it's Step 2. In the late fall, we'll help you Match Smarter in your chosen specialty. But we also will pepper in shows dedicated to particular shelf exams, Step 3, and other topics relevant to those involved in medical education."
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