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The Gay Agenda podcast
This is a fantastic offer to sponsor a groundbreaking podcast approaching its 4th year; celebrating grass-roots activism, raising awareness around LGBT+ worldwide issues and poking fun at the ‘establishment’. With an established international following, listeners regularly tune in from the US, Europe, North Africa and Asia, this is a chance for your brand to be discovered by a new worldwide audience. The Gay Agenda has been is a weekly two-hour radio show on Fab Radio International, broadcasting from Manchester live every Friday evening from 7pm-9pm UK time to a worldwide audience since November 2013. The shows are then edited and released as weekly free podcasts via Podomatic to ITunes and all similar podcast hosting sites. Host Rylan Cavell combines the seriousness of LGBT+ issues with an irreverence and silliness that makes it fun and accessible listening for adult audiences. They cover the latest headlines, film reviews, book and theatre reviews, upcoming events and the most recent ‘hot topic’ on international queer minds. Fab Radio International is the number 1 listened-to online radio station in Europe, and The Gay Agenda has been with the station since its launch in November 2013, winning the Listener vote for Best Non-Music show in 2014, as well as being nominated for Best UK Podcast in 2015. From August 2017 onwards The Gay Agenda is ending its affiliation with Fab Radio International and striking out on its own. As such we are able to offer these fantastic advertising packages to you!
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