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POWER MOVES with Mike Burns
POWER MOVES is a weekly breakdown featuring the stupidest crimes of the week, committed by everyday American idiots. It drops every Thursday with a companion listener mail episode dropping every Tuesday featuring their own tales of debauchery. Sub topics on the show include chain restaurants and excessive food, beer, rock n roll, classic hip hop, and Fantasy Football. This show sets trends, and is about as laser focused in Midwestern sensibilities as you can get, despite being the most popular on the coasts. The standouts are California, New York, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida. POWER MOVES fans, known as "Daddies" and "Lady Daddies" are diehard devotees of the show and are highly active, engaged, and extremely loyal. It has grown as a grass roots project to 140k unique downloads over 46 episodes in less than a year with no external promotion. Plans to expand to a network are in the next year's game plan. The merch sells very well at and the Patreon grows by the day. They WILL listen to the ad reads, and welcome it because they know it supports the podcast they love and the host they have a personal connection to. Mike is a cult hero and middle aged male influencer with a social reach of 140k. He is the creator of the Twitter account @Dadboner that spawned the HarperCollins book, "Power Moves: Livin' the American Dream, USA Style" which was a best seller in several Amazon categories and sparked a highly successful 17 city tour as well as an animated pilot for Comedy Central featuring Guy Fieri. Mike has done social promotion through the account for Bob Seger and others. Mike has also written for various television shows include 5 season of Ridiculous on Mtv, and is a noted comedian and former "New Face" at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. As you'll see in the document, the download numbers increase as new listeners get caught up from the beginning. Based in Los Angeles, POWER MOVES does not engage in politics and supports the LBTGQ community. ****Listing is for the Thursday Show on the Feed. The Tuesday Mailbag is not being sold.
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