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The Underworld Podcast
Underworld is a podcast that exposes the secret world of transnational criminal networks that have flourished since there were banks to bust, drugs to smuggle, and scams to run. Journalists Danny Gold and Sean Williams bring their experience reporting on dangerous people and organizations to take listeners on a global tour of mobsters, warlords and crooks - from Brooklyn to Beijing, from the streets to the boardrooms - and everywhere in between. Underworld is a show about heroes, villains, and the barely visible mafias that affect all our lives, whether we know it or not. Every week, the hosts tell a different story, mixing in witty banter and stories from their experiences reporting all over the world. Our show is growing at a rapid rate. We've been in the top 10 for Apple documentary charts for the last month and the top 100 for Society and Culture. We have a dedicated fanbase that's buying up our merchandise. We're also charming and fascinating guys that bring a whole lot to the table and a level of respectability and authenticity that you won't find on a lot of podcasts. Our audience is primarily male from ages 23-44, according to Spotify data, global but centered in the United States and the United Kingdom. They're extremely supportive, and active in messaging across social media platforms. We get constant movie, TV and book requests, and we would be perfect for any advertiser with a focus on young men interested in promoting entertainment. We'd love to do host reads for products, and feel confident we could push our audience to websites and/or products. We also have active facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts that receive a lot of engagement, as well as our personal social media that we're happy to push out advertising on. Danny's twitter is at 35k.
Earth Ancients
Earth Ancients chronicles the growing (and often suppressed) evidence of known and unknown civilizations, their ruined cities, and artifacts developed from advanced science and technology. Erased from the pages of time, these cultures discovered and charted the heavens, developed medicine and unleashed advancements that parallel and, in many cases, surpass our own. Join us and discover our lost history.Armed with the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which have not been covered by conventional science and the media, we can no longer deny our ancient cultural inheritance. Our written history is wrong and we’ve been led to believe that humanity is just a few hundred thousand years old. In fact, the Hindu Yugas advance the notion that Homo Sapiens are millions of years old, and have lived onplanet Earth through a series of rebirths.It’s now a fact that we are the survivors of a series of cataclysmic events that took place approximately 12,000 to 14,000 years ago. Our ancestors may have been aware of these impending disasters and fled underground shelter, or survived in caves; others may have left the planet, but a huge number perished. Though Earth Ancients does explore some of the popular theories that ancient aliens have visited ourplanet, our philosophy and research paradigm is decidedly Earth-centric, elevating the historical discourseabout human brilliance and ingenuity found in the archaeological evidence.
shifting her experience or "she." for short, is a podcast for non-traditional women that's currently in the Top 1% of Global podcasts! Sophie and Tiana are two unconventional women from opposite sides of the world who are in a loving relationship. Join them as they dive deep into their experiences and explore what it means to be a woman in today’s society. They’ll speak on feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, gender stereotypes, sexuality, emotional maturity, and self-awareness. With over 30,000 monthly listeners and 10,000+ Instagram followers, the message of equality that hosts Tiana & Sophie discuss isn't just limited to podcast platforms. In each podcast episode, Tiana & Sophie consistently advocate for equality, with a push to cover non-traditional topics that society deems "taboo". With topics such as "The side effects of a heteronormative society", "Thoughts on changing your last name", and "Let's talk about gender reveal parties", they aren't afraid to dissect the origins of society's so-called traditions and the effect they have on people. In doing so, they have received thousands of messages from people, particularly women and LGBTQ+ folks, thanking them for starting necessary conversations and for normalizing LGBTQ+ relationships. Tiana & Sophie can easily and organically integrate ads into their podcast. With a unique approach to traditional ad-reads, Tiana and Sophie's mission is to organically integrate ads into the natural flow of their conversation. Podcast listeners are tired of hearing straight ad-reads, so let shifting her experience naturally embed your ad into their episode! When listening to the shifting her experience podcast, many listeners aren't aware that they're actually hearing an ad placement within an episode, which leads to a better reception of the ad. Let Tiana & Sophie tell your story and spread your message, without sounding like a typical ad-read!
Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt
Author of THE DARK PATH Isaac Weishaupt hosts this show focused on pop culture and its role in the occult agenda to instill ritualistic symbolism in entertainment! This podcast provides discussion on the symbolism, theories, pop culture, music, film, gossip and celebrity tabloids; in a safe and positive light with respect to all opinions and world views. The main 'buckets' of content will be using Isaac's knowledge of the occult and theories to explore pop culture, film, TV and the paranormal phenomenon such as aliens or UAP Disclosure. Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way. Isaac has been a featured guest on many other shows- including honorary status of the first Mt. Crushmore of Tin Foil Hat podcast. Other key appearances include Chris Jericho's "Talk is Jericho", Dave Navarro’s “Dark Matter Radio,” SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show with Rude Jude, The HigherSide Chats, Richard C. Hoagland’s “Other Side of Midnight”, Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, BLACKOUT Radio, VICE, COMPLEX Magazine, and many more radio shows and podcasts. His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects.
Dov Baron: Leadership and Loyalty Show for Fortune 500
The audio experience of eavesdropping on the most interesting conversation in the personal and professional leadership world! This is the worldwide #1 Fortune 500 Podcast and Inc Magazine Top Podcast for Next-Gen Leadership and Business Families! Dov Baron's Leadership and Loyalty Show focuses on inspiring those who lead to living deeply meaningful, purpose-driven lives that are the heart, soul and mind aligned. So that you can have not only the success, but also the fulfillment that allows you to make the massive difference you came here to make, and be an extraordinary leader with a cult-like following! What could it mean to you, your organization or family business to step into the highest form of your SOUL Purpose and become a truly authentic leader? You can now also find us on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Tuner .Fm, Stitcher And tune in you terrestrial radios to find us every Monday and Thursday on: 99.5 FM & 1520 AM Las Vegas 102.1 FM & 1640 AM Lancaster, Philadelphia 87.9 FM & 810 AM Macon, Gorgia 92.1 FM & 1630 AM Tampa, Florida 97.7 The Villages, Florida 96.3 FM Boulder ,Colorado 90.3 FM Milwaukee, Wisconsin 94.7 FM Pittsburg, Philadelphia 87.9 FM Colorado Springs, Colorado Also look for us on ROKU TV on the channel where there’s 100K subscribers. If you are a regular then a big thank you to you for making us the #1 podcast Globally for Fortune 500 listeners! With a potential reach of 2.5 to 3 million listeners across channels for every show, we’re honoured and grateful to be cited in as The #1 Podcast To Make You a Better Leader. Find us at “Google Home” or “Alexa” you can find us there to just say: “Play Dov Baron’s Podcast”
Horrifying History
Horrifying History started out as a podcast that was first released in late October of 2019.  It quickly developed a solid following since we are the place where fact, history, lore, and the supernatural collides.  Our show chooses a topic, and during the podcast we tell our listeners what the urban legends or lore is on that topic, then discuss what history and what the facts tell us.  We also review any science based facts or studies, and then we allow our listeners make up their own minds what their truth is.  We do all of this while telling a great story, and making it a bit of fun along the way. Horrifying History does not promote just anyone.  We believe that not only that we need to be the right fit for you, but you for us.  We believe that your organization is a wonderful fit, and therefore would love to work with you to promote your company.  We have a guaranteed minimum listens of 18,962 per episode in the first 30 days (with an additional 6180 on YouTube), while industry standards show that the average is only 141 listens in and episodes first 30 days.  We quite often exceed this number.  Our audience is approximately 57% female, 37% male, 5% not specified, and 2% non-binary. Our average age of our listeners are 28% in the 35-44 age group, 23% in the 45-59 age group, 24% in the 28-34 age group, 5% in the 60+ age group, and 5% in the 18-22 age grouping. Our audience is from all walks of life, and from all over the world with the majority of our listeners being from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, The Philippines, New Zealand, Sweden, India,Norway, and South Africa We regularly are on the major podcast provider charts (i.e.: Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Chartable Podcast Charts) in Society and Culture, History, Entertainment,True Crime, and General categories.  This allowed me the opportunity to be a regular guest host on the Weird Wednesdays morning radio show for WQEE radio station out of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) the last Wednesday of each month which brings further listenership to our podcast.  Our show is also played on KPNL Radio ( which also expands our listener base. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you, and am looking forward to hearing from you.
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