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The Sinica Podcast is the premier English-language podcast on current affairs in China. Launched in Beijing in 2010 by long-time Beijing residents Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn, the show covers a range of topics including China’s elite politics, foreign relations, technology, business, economics, and culture. In 2016, Sinica joined SupChina, and now produces the show from the United States. The show offers an opportunity to unpack complex issues on China, giving guests the space to lay out context and introduce nuance too often lost in short articles or media appearances. Guests have included a long list of notable diplomats, academics, journalists, activists, writers, and businesspeople. Among some of the show's prominent guests are:     Charlene Barshefsky, who negotiated China's entry to the WTO during the ClintonAdministration Chas W. Freeman, Jr., who served as Richard Nixon's translator during the historic opening to China and went on to have an illustrious diplomatic career Danny Russel and Kurt Campbell, who both served as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia-Pacific in the Obama Administration Susan Thornton, who recently stepped down as Acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia-Pacific Affairs in the Trump Administration Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia Orville Schell and Susan Shirk, noted China scholars Rana Mitter, Oxford historian Andy Rothman, Arthur Kroeber, and Stephen Roach; economists Evan Osnos, former New Yorker China correspondent Jane Perlez, New York Times Beijing bureau chief Andrew Ng and Kai-Fu Lee, leading experts on AI Charles Bedford, environmentalist at The Nature Conservancy Pankaj Mishra, author The podcast is published Thursdays, and holds live tapings of the show for listeners in New York City most months of the year. Sinica Audience Profile   Data Source: FB’s Audience Insights, Audience Surveys, and Google Analytics.   Lifestyle Careers & Travel: Dominated by well-educated and professionally successful singles. They are almost all homeowners in a mix of houses and condominiums; Established Elite: Americans elites couples and singles. With no school-age children at home and the second highest income in the country, these households have enormous disposable incomes and pursue correlating luxuries and activities;   Career Building: Made up of young singles with no children at home. They are a mix of mobile renters and first-time homeowners, living in condos and single-family houses; Corporate Connected: Well-educated and well-compensated singles and couples in their 40s and 50s. These corporate executives and professionals are serious travelers, whether for work or pleasure, and intelligent investors.   Relationship status: 44% single   Education Level *             72% are college educated *             17% went to grad school Household Income *             43% have incomes between $50K-100K *             15% have incomes between $150-$250   Household Size: 28% live alone   Home Ownership: 47% are renters   Spending Habits *             44% primarily use Credit Cards *             7% spend in Travel & Entertainment *             68% of audience spend on Food & Drink *             47% of audience spend on Clothing *             59% of audience spend on Subscription Services   Top Job Titles *             Healthcare and Medical Services *             IT and Technical Services *             Computation and Mathematics *             Architecture and Engineering *             Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Media   Top Cities in the US *             New York City *             Washington, District of Columbia *             San Francisco   Top CIties International *             HK *             Beijing *             Singapore   SupChina influence: The China elite SupChina's readers, listeners, and viewers are key influencers. They are mavens and connectors. They know people and their opinions matter.   Like the guests on our podcasts and our interview subjects, they are business leaders, senior diplomats, and professors. They are notable authors,  Ivy league students, and senior executives at hedge funds, banks, and multinationals.   What they think has influence way beyond their numbers.   And they are plugged into SupChina every day, through our email newsletters, podcasts, videos, website, mobile apps, and social media channels. Some of the organizations represented by SupChina's audience and the people we interview include: Business Decisions makers at global companies need to understand how China will affect their business, even if they never leave Manhattan. Our media products reach leading executives at Fortune 500 companies, including: Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley Walmart Alibaba Baidu Google We also count among out followers people at a range of hedge funds, private equity firms, and other financial institutions.   Government China is on the top of the minds of every senior government official across the globe. The ones that are thinking about it the most listen our in depth interviews and read our coverage. This audience includes: Senior diplomats from U.S. State Department, senior staff organizations like U.S. Technology Office (USITO) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Senior diplomats from Australian, British, Singaporean, New Zealand, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Canadian, French, and Spanish foreign affairs ministries.   Media We reach the major media brands as well as all the China focused publications and blogs. Among our demographic are journalists at: New York Times Bloomberg Washington Post Wall Street Journal The New Yorker   Schools: students and faculty From notable professors to undergraduates at elite institutions, everyone in academia who is interested in China pays attention to SupChina. Schools where we have reach through our media products as well as live events include: Harvard University Yale University Princeton University Stanford University Boston University   Here's a starter list, based on our email subscribers, and guests on podcast:   Schools Harvard University Yale University Princeton University Stanford University Boston University University of Wisconsin Madison Vanderbilt University New York University (NY and Shanghai campuses) Duke University Middlebury College Georgetown University  
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