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The Sports Thoughts Podcast
The Sports Thoughts Podcast is the podcast for thinking sports fans and analytical investors. Join good friends, former college roommates, and professional sports bettors Jerry and Kieran as they share their ideas and expertise on sports and gambling. Guests have and will include many prominent members of the sports betting community, such as Whale Capper and Jake from The Business of Betting Podcast. We understand the taboo that surrounds gambling - we do not and will never give financial advice! Instead, our show is focused on the processes behind making analytical and mathematically-backed decisions in the sports betting markets. Sports betting is a rational science, and excelling at it is no different from being successful at any other craft: it requires consistent hard work, self-awareness, discipline, and an understanding of many fields (in this case: sports, statistics, psychology, game theory, data analysis and modeling, etc.). But most casual bettors aren't scraping databases and building complex predictive models to wager on their favorite college football team or using the Kelly criterion to manage their bankrolls and unit sizes. So therein lies the disconnect: almost all mainstream sports media is pure entertainment with no actual informative value, and the stuff with value is drier than an old Intermediate Accounting textbook. The result is masses of uninformed sports bettors - no wonder they say 99% of people who bet on sports are unprofitable in the long run. Our target audience is somewhere in the middle between the most technical of math geeks and the most casual of sports fans. We think there's real value in trying to bridge those two worlds, especially if it's done in a way that's entertaining, relatable, and candid.
Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy
Mike and Billy have hosted Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy Program for over 18 years. Mike & Billy are both PGA Club Professionals with over 70 years of combined golf industry experience and playing. Their radio program airs live every Saturday from 8am to 10am PST on ESPN Radio 1230am/101.1FM in Bakersfield, Ca. and Kern County to Santa Barbara, Ca. Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy also airs live every Saturday from 11am to 1pm PST in San Luis Obispo County (Santa Maria to Paso Robles), California and on KVEC 920am/96.5FM. The Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy Program is available on podcast weekly around the world with over 12,000 downloads per month via iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Stitcher and other platforms. Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy focuses on the FUN of the game. Mike & Billy share real life experiences weekly on their radio program that come from their involvement with The First Tee Junior Golf & Life Skills Program, golf lessons, golf tournaments, the customers that they meet, golf tournaments, golf courses they visit and work at and playing golf with friends. Mike & Billy strive each week to bring a fresh perspective on life and golf to their listeners with banter and anecdotal humor. Weekly interviews include top name golf instructors, junior golfers, industry golf leaders, golf entrepreneurs, leaders in the golf industry, professional golfers, tour players, professional media and human interest stories. Weekly segments include: the Live Shot of the Day, Joke Around, Golf History, Golf Tips, Golf Industry Trends, Loose Impediments, The 9 Core Values of The First Tee, Junior Golf events, life stories and experience that tie back into golf and The 9 Core Values of The First Tee. The Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy listening audience includes people from all walks of life from juniors to seniors. Golf is the game of a lifetime and anyone can play it at almost anytime of their life. Many of our listeners are golfers and many more are people who have never golfed at all. Our listeners like being active, like the outdoors, love to learn and are extremely loyal to our program. We promote our partners weekly with live reads during the radio show and podcast. We promote our partners weekly on all social media platforms listed below. We boost our weekly Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy Facebook Event posts to highlight the show and attract more interest for our partners. We host monthly contests when possible with our partners for the listeners. When inventory allows we can include radio commercials on both stations for our partners.
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