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The Genius Cast with Lanny Poffo
Hi, I'm JP Zarka, co-host of The Genius Cast with Lanny Poffo podcast. Here is our show's description: "Color commentator for New Japan Pro Wrestling, published poet and limerick writing, motivational speaking brother of WWE Hall of Famer Macho Man Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo brings back stories of his brother and the glory days of professional wrestling with this weekly podcast. His wrestling career in the WWE was highlighted by a victory over Hulk Hogan, though nothing highlights anything more in his life than being able to share and recount stories from his past to you, the Genius Cast faithful! Join Lanny and his partner in crime, JP Zarka of as they take you through his time in the NWA territories in the 1970s, becoming a star in his father Angelo Poffo’s promotion, International Championship Wrestling (ICW), joining Randy in the Continental Wrestling Association (CWA), traveling with him again to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in June 1985 all the way up to today. An excellent storyteller, Lanny breaks down important details of his life while spontaneously breaking into poem or song. Weekly features include the Macho Man Clip of the Week, Poem/Limerick of the Week and so much more. Pull back the curtain with Lanny and JP each Monday from 12 p.m. GMT / 7 a.m. ET / 6 a.m. CST / 4 a.m. PST." Host Lanny Poffo will do the reads on our show (15/30/60 second pre-roll, 60/120 second mid and end roll placements) and with a voice like his, your business will be sure to flourish with our audience! Always happy to send a sample advertisement for you to hear. If you feel we're a good fit, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing back from you!
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