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We are much more than your average podcast, we produce often daily content across multiple platforms within our brand. Our technical production is equal or better than commercial radio. Knightline, (, a podcast about UCF Sports and former UCF players in the NFL CFL, has been released and is available to listeners for subscription on YouTube, Sound Cloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. The UCF Knightline Podcast focuses on weekly game previews, analysis, interviews, and former UCF players careers in the pros, and is geared toward college football and NFL fans. UCF Knightline Podcast is reaching an audience of 12000-13000 on YouTube, Sound Cloud, iTunes and Stitcher. Podcast hosts Andrew Phegley & Trace Trylko say, "We are having a great time doing the UCF Knightline Podcast. We have had lots of great feedback and comments." Fans of the podcast can contact Andrew Phegley & Trace Trylko via or & @UCF_knightline on Twiter to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast. To listen to the podcast, visit About the UCF Knightline Podcast Based in Orlando FL, UCF Knightline Podcast the serves listeners interested in UCF football and former UCF players in the NFL/CFL. Hosted by Andrew Phegley & Trace Trylko the UCF Knightline Podcast is released on a weekly basis and is available for subscription at YouTube, Sound Cloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. For more information, contact Andrew Phegley at (407) 205-7427 or visit the official website:
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