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Tour Junkies: PGA & Fantasy Golf
The Tour Junkies Podcast strives to deliver informative and entertaining PGATour Golf content every week. We will come prepared with research, analytics and other funny sh-crap to make your listening experience "great fantastic". In addition to our golf betting and fantasy golf advice, we regularly have PGATour Pros, caddies, and other golf experts on the podcast to enhance your experience. DraftKings PGA DFS is where we spend a lot of our time, but the information we share will apply to any format of picking golfers. We have regular jobs, regular families, and regular responsibilities. This means that we won’t always be right, but we will be passionate. We will be entertaining. We will study hard and commit to the research every week so that our content is solid. Our audience is male between the ages of 24 - 58 years old based on nearly 2 years of analytics from hosts like SoundCloud and BlogTalkRadio. Our listeners love golf, enjoy gambling, and are usually white collar workers enjoying our show during their commute. 90% of our listeners are US based with Canada and the U.K. making up the rest. California, Texas, New York, Michigan, and Illinois are the states that listen to us the most every week. We've got our own show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio every Wednesday night. We're regular guests on PGATour Radio with "Inside the Ropes." We're contributing writers for & We've been the #1 Ranked Fantasy Golf Podcast on iTunes for the last 16 months and weekly ranked in the Top 200 Sports & Recreation shows. Our show has been growing since we started in October of 2015 when we had a total of 60 listeners a week. Now, we consistently have 11,000 a week and over 25,000 for Major Championships. We're the only PGATour Fantasy Golf Podcast that consistently brings in guests. We've had over 25 PGATour players, caddies, and coaches on the Podcast in the last 18 months. We've had billionaire GoDaddy & PXG founder, Bob Parsons, on the show. Some of our PGATour player guests include Major Champion, Brooks Koepka, "Beef" Johnston, Kevin Kisner, Billy Horschel, Scott Piercy, Willy Wilcox, and Steven Bowditch just to name a few. We've had proven success with advertisers since our show started as our listeners are highly engaged. We consistently run contests on the Podcast and through our Social Media channels to drive engagement. did a 4 week ad run with us back in the Spring to gain users on their site. They went from just over 700 users to 1300 during that 4 week period from advertising on our show alone. We'd be glad to support any advertisers with Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram support through our following. Our followers love our live videos through those outlets, and we'd be glad to supplement any Podcast ads with a strong social media strategy.
Gotham Sports Network
Gotham Sports Network podcasters are influencers in their fields. When we voice opinions, people listen. In an average month over the last year, our top nine writers reached nine million users on Twitter. More importantly, Gotham Sports Network is growing. In May 2018 alone, our top nine writers garnered over 18 million impressions, and none had fewer than 500,000 impressions. Each writer’s best months in-season total over 20 million impressions combined. Our team-centric podcasts are some of the most popular in their respective fields, and have appeared in the top 50 ranking in the Sports & Recreation section on iTunes. Our New York Rangers podcast (The Garden Faithful Podcast) reaches over 5,000 people per month, and our New York Giants podcast (NY Giants Weekly) reaches over 20,000 people per month. Hundreds of people listen to our Front Page Podcast every day. Please see below for a list of all the podcasts on our network. If you are interested in partnering with the entire network, or one of the shows listed below, please let us know. NYG Weekly - the official New York Giants podcast of Gotham Sports Network. The Garden Faithful Podcast - the official New York Rangers podcast of Gotham Sports Network. Nothing But Knicks - the official New York Knicks podcast of Gotham Sports Network PTIsles - the official New York Islanders podcast of Gotham Sports Network Next Stop: Willets Point - the official New York Mets podcast of Gotham Sports Network Podcasting In Pinstripes - the official New York Yankees podcast of Gotham Sports Network The Jets Stream - the official New York Jets podcast of Gotham Sports Network Post Credits - the official TV/Movie podcast of Gotham Sports Network Gotham Front Page - New episodes every morning recapping everything you might have missed from the last 24 hours in sports, pop-culture, and more!
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