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Hot & Bravo'd: A Bravo TV Podcast
The "Hot & Bravo'd" podcast is an all things Bravo TV podcast. We recap the slate of Bravo TV shows, from the 'Real Housewives' to 'Vanderpump Rules' to 'Southern Charm'. We have also interviewed stars from the Bravo network, including Carl Radke of 'Summer House' and Peter Madrigal of 'Vanderpump Rules'. In addition to recaps and interviews, we publish a regular "Housewives Herstory" series where our hosts dive deep into a historic season of a Bravo show. With a niche audience and well-defined demographics (of our 3,026 Instagram followers, 89% are women), we are a great outlet for advertisements and promotions for the right business. Our podcast launched on January 29th, 2019 and has experienced steady growth and high consumption rates since our premiere. Between our launch on January 29th and April 30th, we averaged 706.8 listens per episode. Since May 1st, we have averaged 1,275.9 listens per episode. Our listenership increases each and every month. Per iTunes Analytics, our unique devices total has increased each month. In July thus far, we were on 1,161 unique devices on iTunes alone with 81% of those devices subscribed to our podcast. Our recaps regularly surpass the 80% and 90% mark for Average Consumption Rate. We are also consistent and prolific publishes. We have published 119 total episodes since our January 29th launch and 20 episodes in July so far.
Show Description and Audience: The TIVOMIKE Show is a daily internet radio show and podcast that tackles Christian discipleship and pop culture in a smart, fun and personal way. I'm a teaching pastor, TiVo fanatic and a talk show host. The show combines the two things I love best; teaching about Jesus and His plans for us in today’s world, and passionately discussing my favorite TV shows with my best friend and fellow believer, Mike "Entertainment Guru" Warner on the daily show. The TIVOMIKE Show is a daily, internet radio show distributed as a podcast after the live show airs. Our industry is Christian teaching and pop culture, namely TV shows, movies and celebrities. The show weighs today’s issues and hot topics, be they family, business or celebrity against the standard of God’s Word, and seeks to present Christianity in a way easy to understand both by new believers and mature believers. I have been a teaching pastor at Legions of Christ Empowerment Center and serve as its Chief Financial Officer for the past 11 years and authored “Victory: The 4 Step Process for Every Believer”. I hosted and produced Victory TV, so I come with the requisite experience and passion for The TIVOMIKE Show. I have been a money coach for ten years, and on Mondays, we dedicate the show to giving advice on handling finances for God's glory. We seek to reach a huge audience, young and old, local and international, with our unique blend of knowledge and humor, and in the process spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Promoting Your Business: We will work with our sponsors to promote their business by highlighting and focusing on the value it will bring to our listeners. Our listeners are fun loving Christians who enjoy their television shows, live tweeting about them and discussing their favorite movies. They're also focused on ensuring their lives honor God and look to our show as a engaging, educating and entertaining guide to do just that. By highlighting how the product will help them accomplish their goals will be our sole passionate way of promoting the product and brand. Thank you for your consideration. We are a new and growing internet radio show and podcast. Glory!
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