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Eerie Late Night Radio Network
The Eerie Late Night Radio Network is a collection of internet radio shows by the horror hosts of The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel. It's flagship podcast, The Eerie Late Night Radio Show, is broadcast and recorded live on Blogtalkradio. Past shows are then added to our radio network and distributed. We also have included Mr. Maniacal's INSANITY: Old Time Radio which are hosted versions of popular golden age radio shows. From time to time we will include other hosts podcasts as they are made available to us. So enjoy this audio journey into The Eerie Late Night! Primarily we focus on our weekly show which covers all things horror, sci-fi, and pop culture. Since the addition of some movie and comic industry guests we have seen our numbers grow faster than ever. Our show is done a bit differently than a traditional podcast. First we record the show live every Saturday night at midnight (EST) on BlogtakRadio. We then download the blogtalk show and add content to it making it a bit longer and unique then distribute it in podcast form. Our podcast feed is done with Blubrry through our site and distributed to iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, Blubrry, and Stitcher. Our podcast feed is primarily downloaded to users across the United States, but a close second is Japan then about a dozen different countries fall into place. Copies of our statistics are available upon request. The advertising spots we will have available will be through our podcast feed only. We will place them accordingly in the show edit and then will be released to distribution. We welcome anyone that feels that our unique audience base fits their needs.
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