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Serial Chillers Podcast
The Serial Chillers Podcast is hosted by me Jesse and each week I sit down with old friends, new friends, good friends and bad friends to tell a story of an infamous serial killer. Throughout the show the guests, or "Serial Chillers" as I call them, chime in and have stories that, are True crime, dark, creepy, unsolved or otherwise mysterious. Additionally it is a gameshow. The Serial Chillers come locked and loaded with a story of their own as well as compete to be the winner of the show. They answer questions about a serial killer that they may or may not have knowledge about. We have a lot of great stories that come through and even though it is essentially a true crime serial killer podcast, we have a good laugh from time to time. My audience while growing is diverse and active. They really like some of the cross platform stuff I have going, like streaming video games and the social media pages. I have a current show "sponsor" with a promo code and they are active shoppers using this promo code for a clothing/beer accessories brand. I would like to find a few advertisers who I feel would benefit from advertising on this show due to the high number or engagements that it receives, and how active the fanbase is. I am very active on the social medias and as I stated above I also do video game streaming and guest spots on other podcasts as often as I can. If there was a company willing to advertise with my show, I would make sure you got far more than your money's worth while making you wonder why you hadn't advertised here sooner. I think that paired with the right advertisers we could both share a very successful relationship that is mutually beneficial. Thanks
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