AdvertiseCast Emerging Podcasts

AdvertiseCast now has a solution for podcasts that average under 10,000 listens to include host read ads in their podcast!
You didn't just get into podcasting to hear yourself talk. Know your worth and start earning money. Our FREE (yes, free) platform connects podcasters with advertisers that fit their niche. Keep your hosting plan and only accept advertisers that you personally approve. Keep your branding on point with advertisements that work for your audience. The best part, any podcast with just 200 or more listeners per episode can apply.
AdvertiseCast works in four easy steps:
  • Apply! We take 10-14 days to review your application.
  • Create your show listing. Make sure advertisers know who you are by including your publishing schedule, demographic data, and information about the host(s).
  • Record the ad spot! On AdvertiseCast you are provided ad proposals you can reject or approve and include in your episode. You know your content better than anyone so you are able to integrate the ad how you want into your podcast.
  • Get paid! It's time to advertise. All ads are host read, and you have the power to say no to any ad. We also don't have any long or pesky contracts, you can stop working with us at any time, penalty-free.

Why join the Emerging Podcast group at AdvertiseCast?

Podcasts on AdvertiseCast have the strength of a professional ad sales team selling their podcast ad inventory. As a small independent podcast, it’s hard to sell you ad space by yourself. Let us be your biggest advocate to help you monetize your content. As a member of the Emerging Podcast group your benefits extend beyond podcast ad sales, you also receive discount pricing for hosting your show on Libsyn, the ability to talk to podcasts professionals about your show, and much more. Apply today to become a member of AdvertiseCast!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many listens do I need to apply?
  • The minimum listenership to be included in the Emerging Podcast Bundle is 200.
How much will I be paid?
  • Our rates range from a $10 to $15 CPM. AdvertiseCast splits the ad revenue with you 70/30 you keeping 70%.
What are some member benefits?
  • We help podcasters with more than just advertising. As a member you are able to receive discounted pricing for Libsyn hosting and speak to podcast experts about your show.
What brands are available?
  • We work with major brands, local businesses, and startups looking to advertise on podcasts.
Do I have to include an ad?
  • You are not obligated to include any ads in your episodes and only have to advertise for brands and products you feel comfortable promoting alongside your voice.
When do I get paid?
  • We payout to podcasters 30 days after they have marked a spot complete in our system and the following conditions have been met: the reach has been reported on that spot, we have received funds in full from the advertiser, and the total amount the podcaster is owed is $20 or more. If any of these conditions haven't been met, payout may be delayed up to 90 days.