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AdvertiseCast for Podcast Networks

AdvertiseCast was originally created to help independent podcasters monetize their show from paying advertisers. We soon found that podcast networks also valued our service and needed a turn-key solution to help them acquire paying advertisers. Today, we work with dozens of podcast networks across the world and are continuously bringing them fresh new advertisers and ad buys each and every month. If your network is interested in outsourcing your podcast advertising to our team of professionals, we're happy to help. Please see the steps below on how to get started.

How does it Work?

Add Your Listings

After you create an account with us, you simply create an advertising listing for each one of your podcasts. Once approved, your listing goes live in our marketplace and advertisers can order ad spots directly from you. In addition to our self-serve model, our internal sales team will sell advertising for your shows. They will include you in client proposals where we see it being a good fit.

Receive Ad Buys

When an advertiser places an ad buy with you, you have up to 3 days to review and accept the offer. All of the ad buy information will be presented on the order from target air dates, company and product information, ad read details, etc. You have the right to refuse any offers you feel will not be a good fit for your show.

Complete and Get Paid

After you accept the ad buy, you will continue to work with the advertiser on completing the order. Don't worry, our platform walks you through the entire process and makes it easy for you. Once the ad has aired in an episode, you can mark it completed within your AdvertiseCast ad portal. We issue payouts 30-days after the ad spot has been marked completed.
Ads Sold

What Costs are Involved?

Our service is FREE to list your podcast, but we split the rev share with you for each ad spot ordered. You make 70%, we keep 30%. For instance; you list and sell an ad spot for $100, you net $70, we keep $30.

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