Podcaster FAQ

Do I get control on approving or refusing an ad buy?
Yes, you approve or deny any ad buy we present to you. Our sales team does a great job in matching advertisers with podcasters, but you have the ultimate say whether you want to work with the advertiser or not.
Can I list more than one podcast with you?
Yes. You can list as many shows as you wish and you can conveniently list them all under one account. If you choose our pro hosting plan, you are charged for the total amount of downloads all of your podcasts produce within the given month. Our platform is ideal for podcast networks!
Run me through the steps on how this all works...
The first thing you will do is create an account with us. After this, you will be able to add your first podcast listing. After you add your podcast listing, our team will review it within 24 hours. If approved, it will go live in our system. Now our ad ad team and marketplace will be able to purchase your ad inventory. When you receive an ad buy from us, you will receive an email notification. Simply review the ad buy and you can approve or deny the ad buy request. Once you approve, you will need to complete the ad buy as instructed on the order details which you will receive in the ad buy.
Do you require any long term contracts or being exclusive?
The great thing about working with AdvertiseCast is we are flexible to work with and won't hold you to any long term contracts or exclusive arrangements. Our goal is to simply provide value by bringing ad buys to you.
Does AdvertiseCast create in-house content (podcasts) and prioritize this ad inventory?
No. We do not publish our own content and therefore all shows are given equal attention in our sales efforts.
Can I promote my podcast using your service?
Yes. You can promote your show on other podcasts by purchasing ad spots from them. Click here for more information on how to grow your listening audience.
What information do you require to get started?
For our standard service, you will just need your name, email, podcast name, RSS feed, publishing frequency, reach, and choose which ad spots you wish to sell. We've also built a time-saving feature that imports most of the data from your RSS feed.
What kind of ads will I be deploying on my podcast?
Host-Read Ads - Most of the ads we sell are host-read ads. These come in 30 and 60 second lengths and are positioned as a pre or mid-roll. For each ad buy, you will receive information about the advertiser along with talking points about the ad read. In most cases the advertiser will want you to read the ad in your own words but cover the points listed.

Dynamic Ads - These ad units are only available in our Pro package. These ads are pre-recorded by us and will not require any extra work on your part. We simply inject these pre-made ads into your podcast episodes. You tell us where to inject the ads by defining markers within each episode. Ideally you will identify 2-3 spots within each episode. This is a great way to monetize off your back catalog.
Can I keep my existing podcast hosting partner?
You get to keep your podcast hosting provider with our standard hosting plan.
Do I set my ad spot costs?
For host-read ads, you set your 30 and 60 second spot pricing. We highly recommend using our industry standard rates which we suggest to you when creating your listing. As for dynamic ads that are available in our Pro package, these are set by us. We split the ad revenue share on these 50/50 with you.
When do I get paid?
We pay 30 days after you mark the ad spot completed. You will also be required to report your download numbers for any episode that has an ad buy after 30 days.
If I choose the Pro package which includes hosting, is inserting dynamic ads into my episodes required?
Yes. If you choose our Pro level package and host with us, you must be willing to accept dynamic ads. Furthermore, we require you to define and tag 2-3 places within each episode where we can insert these ads.