How does AdvertiseCast work?

Add Your Podcast

Sign Up to add your podcast listing to our marketplace for free. Simply describe your podcast and select which ad inventory you wish to sell. Listing your podcast is free and we split the revenue share with you (you keep 70% from every sale). Most listings can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Get Ad Deals

When your listing goes live, advertisers have the option to buy ad spots directly from you within the marketplace. We also have an internal ad sales team that works with many advertisers. They will include your show in ad campaigns where they see it being a good fit.

Complete the Order and Get Paid

When you receive an ad buy request, you have the option of approving or declining the order. We want to make sure the advertiser is a good fit for your show and you can meet their ad buy requirements. Simply complete the ad buy as requested and get paid. And don't worry, our platform walks you through all the steps.
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