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Hardcore Self Help
Dr. Duff is a clinical psychologist in Southern California who specializes in talking about mental health topics. The Hardcore Self Help podcast is his weekly podcast that answers listener questions about mental health WITHOUT the psychobabble bullshit. Released every Thursday morning, you will find information about everything from how to deal with anxiety and depression, to relationships, addiction, and LIFE in general. I talk to you just like I do in my books: like a friend. Life is hard enough to handle; you don’t need complicated jargon screwing it all up for you. Unlike many self help and mental health podcasts out there, the Hardcore Self Help Podcast is hosted by a REAL psychologist with actual experience and a graduate education with these topics. Dr. Duff is not only passionate about the subject matter that he discusses on the podcast, but also consistent with the frequency and type of content that he releases. It's important to him that he works with partners that integrate seamlessly within his brand and share his mission and values. It's for this reason that he is only now beginning to take on sponsors on the podcast; he wanted to build a solid foundation and take his time to cultivate relationships with brands that can be continued in the future. Listeners come from a variety of backgrounds, including those who have mental health issues and family members or loved ones of those who experience mental illness. A portion of his audience also comes from the mental health industry.
The Exceptional Conservative Network®
We are an Urban Conservative Network with a mission of spreading the Good News of Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, and Individual Sovereignty throughout the World. We broadcast shows daily on which has over 100,000 subscribers that pay $9.99 per month or $99 annually for membership. TECN® TV offers Live Internet Television for America's Cultural Inner Circle. Our feature shows are The Exceptional Conservative Show® with Ken McClenton, The N.E.W. with Randy and April Purham from Italy, and The Willie Lawson Show. In two years, we have over 293,000 website visits from our amazing audience. Our listeners have two great passions: politics and business. The top language is English however, over 6% of our audience reside in Moscow, RU, Shanghang, CN, and Kiev, UA. Their top activity is online buying and they prefer premium brands. Their preferred wireless carrier is AT&T. Our listening audience is 75% men and 25% women with over 80% married. Our audiences' household income is over $75,000 and has net-worth from $100,000 to $2 million. Over 80% of our audience are homeowners with 41% have completed high school and 41%, college. Our watchers are market leaders and influencers They lead and the world follows. As we expand into Urban Markets, we want your product or service to be remembered for its exceptional quality and overall satisfaction and your company for its commitment to TECN® TV. Use our Internet Television, our website, and commitment to social media marketing to get your business into the hands of those that will profit from your success. We give you access to the lives of mature and maturing adults through Live Internet Television for America's Cultural Inner Circle. We keep you in touch with persons committed to improving the culture through politics and business. We will serve you with a spirit of exceptionalism. TECN® TV is the most profitable choice when advertising to Urban America and the World.

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