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Redefining the Counter Culture
A Podcast devoted to news, pop culture, music and life lessons. WITIN RADIO is the place for the intelligent audience, where emerging artists are revealed and hearts are revitalized. WITIN RADIO is a site devoted to news, pop culture, music and life lessons. There are only a few commonalities among people and without a doubt, the enjoyment of music is one. It has the power to ignite change, create peace, and draw people closer together, which is one of the reasons why Walter Lovett II created WITIN Internet Radio. Translated WITIN Radio is “WHAT I’M TRULY INTERESTED IN.” Walter is interested in creating a space for emerging musicians to display their talents and receive encouragement. Receiving his B.A in Communications, Walter has been eager to use his skills and training to bridge the gap between new media and entertainment. His interest in music as well as words/stories of encouragement brought him to launch WITIN in April of 2009, after dealing with bouts of depression. During that season he turned to Christ, whom gave him hope for the future. He soon realized that his dreams could be achieved and a step of faith was needed. In essence, WITIN is that step of faith and a harbor for emerging artist to showcase their talents. *Ask for our Media Kit available upon request.

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