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The Self Improvement Show
Irene was amazing. Her enthusiastic, and heartfelt endorsement was phenomenal. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to advertise on a podcast.
The ladies at Vadge are hilarious and super nice. Appreciate everything
Health Professional Radio
Nintendo Podcast System
They kept my informed at every stage of the process and I would work with them again.
Progressive Spirit
The Fat Feminist Witch
Paige was super easy to work with. She did a lovely job with my ad and fluffed it up a little so it fit the time slot well. I'm super pleased, definitely recommend her if you're looking for a good witchy spot to advertise your... whatever, and I absolutely plan on working with her again.
A Darling Nation
Great people to work with, delivered every time and I strongly recommend them!
Is Anyone There?
Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast
I can't even put into words how amazingly well this was done!!! I noticed a bump in my numbers with each shout out, too! You won't be disappointed having bloody murder shout you out!
Super Hero Speak
Great ad!
Sleep and Relax ASMR
An absolutely exceptional experience. Not only excellent communication and fast response, but very helpful and supportive on ways to improve the advertising experience for everyone (audience included) as a whole.
JB And Benny Blue Review
These guys are terrific to work with. We will be sponsoring with them again in the the future. Thank you guys!
Old Time Rock n Roll
Ola's Kool Kitchen
Thanks for all your efforts.
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Macy and Charlye went above and beyond with an absolutely genuine and heartfelt review of my tea. They've cultivated an incredibly loyal and beautifully spirited audience that was the perfect fit for my product. Within two days I already had a strong return on investment, and orders have continued to roll in. I look forward to working with WBAH again in future!
Veterinary Advice, Animal News & Views
Fabulous ad with a wonderful personal touch! They gave much more than expected and it was much more than worth the cost - thank you!
Tour Junkies: PGA & Fantasy Golf
We will be placing another order shortly. Thanks for completing this one.
Tarts and Craft
About Progress
Good Nerd Bad Nerd
Very helpful and professional! Many thanks!
WindyCity Sports Network
Great guys, gave more than the description said. Will use again.
The Screamcast
Very quick and professional. Will work with again.
The Pranks & Firth Podcast
The Intronaut: A Podcast for Introverts
Wonderful, friendly host who produced an excellent promo for my show. Would highly recommend you advertise with J especially if your shows have similar audiences
Franchise Interviews
Online Radio Epic Mornings
Very satisfied! Thanks!
The Melanie Mineau Show
A delight to work with.
The Matt Williams Show
Locked on Podcast Network - NFL Channel (27 Shows)
Great to work with, super accommodating.
EMZT Radio
Sayin it Plain Radio Show
Tim- was great. highly recommended!
The Tony DUrso Show
Tony has been a fantastic partner to Zoho CRM, going above and beyond to promote Zoho with enthusiasm on his show as well as across his social channels.
We Have a Hulk Pod
Amazing. I could listen to you both all day. I hope we cross paths again as you have an incredible way of promoting the world of fantasy. All the best my friends!!
Barca Talk | FC Barcelona Fan Podcast
Prompt and clear communication. Very open to how the ad was incorporated and adjusted lineup to get optimal usage out of the ad read. Excellent service!
House of Mystery True Crime History
I got way more than I bargained for! Thank you so much!
Body Snatchers Podcast
Great to work with and gave me an extra bang for my buck. Will work with again.
The Science Jerks
Always a great show, quick turn-around (remember, it IS a bi-monthly show), ad sounded great. Will be doing business with them again in the future!
Hollywood Scandals of Yesteryear
Gabe was easy to work with and got the ad out quick. We were very satisfied and would work with him again!
Dopey: The Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction
Chris and Dave were great to work with. Would definitely recommend. Thank You, Dopey!
Talking Taker Podcast
Quick response great to work with
Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff
Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman
Thanks, Lex, for the very generous and thoughtful ad read! Happy to be supporting your great show.
Oasis Podcast
The Sharpe Reality
Excellent publisher! Went above and beyond my expectations; will definitely use again.
The Scarecast
It was great to work with Mike. He was very attentive and also kept me up-to-date on the progress of the ad. Great experience!
Space Nuts with Dr Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
It's always a great experience working with Space Nuts for advertising. I'm able to see real performance from my ads and I'll definitely buy spots again in the future.
The Classic Metal Show
Chris- was great. highly recommended!
Dynasty Dads
Over and above. Thanks guys!
The Pilsner Podcast
What a great enthusiastic promo. I'd have this guy on my podcast any day.
Girl's Girls
Girls Girl was amazing to work with and we plan to include more episodes on an upcoming order. We appreciated all the communication and well spoken key call-outs about our company. This was a job so well done and we'd recommend hiring Girls Girl to everyone!
Live From The Basement
I am very satisfied with the way this podcaster promoted my product. He went far above what I paid for.
The Vinyl Roundup
Short and to the point. She covers all the new releases. A great asset for vinyl fans. Great voice.
The Kramer Show
I love the way this advertiser promoted my product. There is no doubt that the right product promoted by Kramer would do well.
The Host With The Most podcast
A+ experience!
Super Powered Fancast
I was kept in the loop with the status of my advertisement at all times and am very pleased with the result.
The Whisky Topic Podcast
Great people to work with, deliveries every time and great show, I cannot say enough good things!
Chapter-A-Day Audio Bible
Thank you so much for your kind words John!
The Intronaut: A Podcast for Introverts
Talk Nerdy
Great match and easy to work with. Cara created a beautifully produced and well researched ad. Timely with aircheck and any copy changes needing to be made!
Mazie Meadows Morning Show
Jesse was great. highly recommended!
After Hours AM / Americas Most Haunted
Joel- was great. highly recommended!
The Pilsner Podcast
Great guys to work with. Would recommend!
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Charlye and Macy were super professional and helpful in helping me make my ad fit the spot. They are communicative, friendly, and very easy to work with. They know their audience (who just LOVES the podcast in practically a religious way) and my ad has already paid for itself. I fully plan on advertising with them again, and definitely recommend them to others! Such a great experience.
The Tom Woods Show
Great guy to work with, great podcast! Was amazing about communication and always delivered!
Old Time Rock n Roll
Best advertisement I could have asked for - much more than my money's worth. Not only that, but a great Podcast, and I am now hooked on Old Time Rock n Roll!
Following Films Podcast
Christopher created an awesome promo and was very fast with getting it out. It doesn't hurt that he has a great show as well. Will definitely work with him again.
Swish and Flick: A Harry Potter Podcast
Great to work with, very responsive.
King Talk
Space Nuts with Dr Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Really great to advertise on Space Nuts. The promo we ran definitely helped us build our audience and I certainly hope to work with them again in the future.
That One Friend
The Scarecast
The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell
Great job!! Will be buying more!! A++
The Sharpe Reality
Veterinary Advice, Animal News & Views
Dr. Roger and his co-host Dr Karen really researched our media and understood and thoroughly discussed our podcast and blog in a sincere, warm and organic way - thank you so much!
Bourbon Pursuit
Kenny was great, nothing but easy sailing on this one. All ads were placed where I asked, loved the podcast round it and his intro to the ad was helpful! Will be working with Kenny again soon!!
Los Danko (Spanish)
The 5 AM Miracle Podcast with Jeff Sanders
Thank you! I enjoyed listening to your show and your read of our ad!
The Sioux Empire Podcast
Im very happy with this order and everything went smoothly
Sayin it Plain Radio Show
My ad ran on last night's show and I'm already getting orders.
M.B.Om Podcast | Mastering the Business of Yoga
Amanda was a pleasure to work with and does a great job keeping her listeners informed!
Strictly Homicide Podcast
Perfectly done ad for Geeks United with Al and Bob, thank you!!
CockTales: Dirty Discussions
What an awesome show. This is actually the first time I had listened to it. Just love the way the conversation is so totally to the point. And my spot was awesome. Delivered with enthusiasm and mad credibility. We are going to work Cock tales into our monthly budget.
Unsolved Mysteries of the World
This was an amazing experience. The host is incredible at scripting and promos. Amazing and cannot recommend highly enough!
Writer, Writer, Pants On Fire
Conspiracy Unlimited
Savvy-Radio, Business
Poop Culture
Mueller, She Wrote
Super impressed with the professionalism and service offered. Very pleased!
The Retail Focus Podcast
The Kramer Show
Strange Indeed: A Netflix Original Review Podcast
Very happy with these guys!
The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour
Once again these two hit it out of the park! The great communication continues, and the ad paid for itself within two weeks of airing. If you make the witchy stuff, this is the podcast you want talking about it. It's *chef's kiss* perfection!
Not Another Baptist Podcast
These guys are awesome to work with! Love their spirit and energy :) Will work with them again!
The Gay Agenda podcast
Very happy, thank you!
The Pantelis Podcast
Crime and Scandal
Awesome! Thank you so much!
RED - The Marketing Podcast For Experts
Thanks a lot for this! Really well integrated message.
The Science Jerks
Super Fun Game Review Podcast Go!
Really enjoyed working with this Podcast, they were very responsive throughout the entire process :)
Unprofessional Engineering
They created a fun, thoughtful ad that perfectly nailed my talking points. Thanks!
NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast
Easy to work with and very creative.
Great communication and easy to work with. We look forward to working with Murderish again!
The Podcast Radio Network
Great job - loved my ad! Also quick and professional.
Papa's Basement
Tarts and Craft
CANUSA Sports Desk with Derek Marques
Wonderful Product and easy guy to do business with. Looking forward to many more business workings! Highly Recommend!
CockTales: Dirty Discussions
Easy to work with. Thanks!
Crime Salad
Sayin it Plain Radio Show
WOW Great job A++
The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love
Adult Film Star Network | Sick Addictions
I am thankful for podcasts like this! I love podcasts that advance free expression. Great topic for a podcast, great advertising opportunity, and great personal contact with Rebecca.
The Tony DUrso Show
Great person to work will, did exactly what he said he would and I will be working with him again! Thanks so much!
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary
I had a good experience advertising with Spacetime. I was able to see real performance from my ads and I'll definitely buy spots again in the future.
Cinema Royale
Fast and easy to work with! A+!!!
Vicious Cycles
Top quality audio content.
MarTech Interviews
Awesome guy, fabulous to work with, thank you so much!
Missing Out
Story Time with Erin O'Riordan
Cordial publisher who offers a great deal.
The Not Old Better Show
Paul did a really great job with running the promo for my podcast in his show. He's also very much across what's needed in terms of communication and providing feedback to the advertiser. I would definitely recommend advertising on his show and would certainly advertise with him again in the future.
Weird AF News
Really great to work with - and he went the extra mile by offering a host live read instead of the produced spot I sent. I'll probably be advertising with Jonesy again in the future!
The Underworld Podcast
It's very cool of you to help us Danny! Many Thanks!
Adult Film Star Network | Sick Addictions
Simply amazing! Loved the candid take on our service, loved the tone, terrific to work with.
The Prancing Pony Podcast - Tolkien & Middle-earth
Great team, great show! They were creative and helpful in getting my message to their audience in a way that would have the most impact. 10/10 would work with them again!
The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell
Robert- was great. highly recommended!
The Simple Sophisticate
The Simple Sophisticate was so great to work with and outperformed our expectations many times over! They are both a pleasure to work with and professional. We plan to run more episodes in the coming weeks. 5 Star Effort!
We Have a Hulk Pod
Really enjoyed working with this Podcast, they were very responsive throughout the entire process :)
Good Nerd Bad Nerd
What an excellent job Good Nerd Bad Nerd did!!! Seriously we (Geeks United) couldn't possibly recommend it more!!!
Moms and Murder
So happy with my ad! Melissa and Mandy did a great job!
I love podcasts that advance free expression, so I have enjoyed advertising with Spycee Conversations! Additionally, Spycee Conversations offers excellent bargains, so advertisers have little to lose. Great concept and great delivery.
Kevin Hates Hip-Hop
Kevin did a great job with promoting the show in his podcast.
Swish and Flick: A Harry Potter Podcast
Kevin Hates Hip-Hop
Best $20 i spent i will be back