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Revision Path is an award-winning weekly interview podcast that focuses on showcasing some of the best Black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers from all over the world. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights, and creative inspirations of these awesome creators.

Revision Path is the podcast for you if you want to reach a diverse range of Black designers, developers, and other digital creatives. We were voted "Most Inspiring Design Podcast of 2015" in the inaugural Creative Market Awards, and our show is also part of the digital archives of AIGA, the nation's largest professional organization for graphic artists. Revision Path has been recognized and profiled by Apple, Facebook, Buffer, HOW, PRINT, NPR, the Columbia Journalism Review, and several other companies and publications.<
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Our show airs weekly (Monday, 10am ET), and can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and TuneIn.

Aside from our worldwide listening audience, we also have sizable audiences on Twitter (~2,000 followers) and Facebook (~1,100 followers) as well. We just joined Instagram late last year (~75 followers), and we have a vibrant Slack community of over 300 users.

There's also our email list of over 5,000 subscribers; we send out a monthly newsletter along with weekly job alerts from our job board.

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