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The Black & Shine Show
The Black & Shine Show is Next Stream Radio's flagship and most listened to entertainment block. Every Saturday listeners tune in to enjoy host Dirt Black, SunShine, Michael Darnell, Je'niece McCullough, and Danielle Williams as the team discusses the weeks trending topics, entertainment news, and much more. The Show is interactive and allows listeners to call in to give their take on on all discussions, vote for their favorite songs, or give a quick shoutout to a special someone via "The Shine Line". The Black & Shine Show is packed with special segments like,"Your Uncle's Old School Jam of The Day", The Next Stream Radio Weekly Top 5 Songs Of The Week", just to name a few, all of which are available for weekly sponsorship. All advertisers will not only have their product or service promoted through the show they will also enjoy Branding Packages and free commercials that will play during non Black & Shine Show hours on Next Stream Radio (24 hour Station). What makes this opportunity different from others you may see is that Next Stream Radio has the ability to target many different demographics on both local Chicagoland and National markets. The Black and Shine Show reaches both men and women ages 25-60, most of which are highly educated tech savvy working professionals (and couples) that are either looking for a fun relaxing break from the everyday or a place to hear great music and thought provoking discussion. Past Black & Shine Show Guest Include: Laura Doyle- New York Times Best Selling Author R.R. Baker- Film Writer, Movie Producer and Director Dr. George James- World Renown Relationship Expert Hav Max-Neo Soul Sensation
Realstreetmusic Show: presented by DJ LUOS
"The REALSTREETMUSIC Show" formerly known as "Soul Of The Streets Radio" is a musical podcast and multi media platform designed to showcase the hottest up-coming artists, producers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and service providers to the "Entertainment Industry". We launched our online radio shows in 2011, and showcased some of the best unheard music in the world, as well as interviewing some of the worlds best undiscovered talent. To name a few are (Project Pat (Rapper), Quan (formerly signed to Nas), Ballout (Glory Boyz), James Kenney (X-Factor), Curtis Young (Dr. Dre's son), CAVIAR (Platinum producer) and the list goes on. We started off by broadcasting live on internet radio stations (KMAXAM.COM, and 99.3FM.COM), Saturdays, thru the American Radio Network (ARN) in Hollywood. We currently release all podcasts on (,, and "The Realstreetmusic Show" is growing thru implementing social media strategies, and gaining more listeners/followers everyday. A&R's, Music Exec's, and music lovers abroad should listen to "The REALSTREETMUSIC Show" and discover or show early support to the hottest new artists in the music industry. Most of our listener are the biggest fans of New Music, Music Videos, Independent Films, Behind the scenes, Artists interviews, Awards shows, and the latest trends. Some of our listeners who will tune in from time to time only to hear what is new and trending in urban music. Sponsors of our podcast can get promoted and submitted to blogs, automatically posted on "", shared thru links with our followers, via social media (Twitter, Google plus, Facebook, Instagram, Etc.) Email blasts are sent out bi-weekly to hundreds of industry contacts with (Cover art, Links to podcast, Track listing, photos, social media, and info) included. Each artists, brands, and products affiliated with the "Realstreetmusic Show" are mentioned and tagged on social media, via shared posts, to get others to follow back and listen to our podcasts. We've been in the game for almost 10 years and everything we do is from the ground up so we don't miss a step. About The Host: The "Realstreetmusic Show" is presented by DJ LUOS. "DJ LUOS" has worked with many artists and producers, behind the scenes, and studies music business at the "Musicians Institute" (Hollywood), in Los Angeles, Ca.
Eerie Late Night Radio Network
The Eerie Late Night Radio Network is a collection of internet radio shows by the horror hosts of The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel. It's flagship podcast, The Eerie Late Night Radio Show, is broadcast and recorded live on Blogtalkradio. Past shows are then added to our radio network and distributed. We also have included Mr. Maniacal's INSANITY: Old Time Radio which are hosted versions of popular golden age radio shows. From time to time we will include other hosts podcasts as they are made available to us. So enjoy this audio journey into The Eerie Late Night! Primarily we focus on our weekly show which covers all things horror, sci-fi, and pop culture. Since the addition of some movie and comic industry guests we have seen our numbers grow faster than ever. Our show is done a bit differently than a traditional podcast. First we record the show live every Saturday night at midnight (EST) on BlogtakRadio. We then download the blogtalk show and add content to it making it a bit longer and unique then distribute it in podcast form. Our podcast feed is done with Blubrry through our site and distributed to iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, Blubrry, and Stitcher. Our podcast feed is primarily downloaded to users across the United States, but a close second is Japan then about a dozen different countries fall into place. Copies of our statistics are available upon request. The advertising spots we will have available will be through our podcast feed only. We will place them accordingly in the show edit and then will be released to distribution. We welcome anyone that feels that our unique audience base fits their needs.
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