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The Idiot's Guide to Everything
The Idiot's Guide to Everything is a podcast about everything and nothing, all at the same time. Chris and Dan are a couple of mates who attempt to sound off on a new topic each week, which they generally know very little about. Listen in as they fight to stay on topic, spout off spurious facts and generally just bicker, and try to embarrass each other publicly. We have been publishing weekly episodes since January 2016 amassing over 26000 total downloads. We consistently appear in the top 100 comedy podcast in New Zealand, spending 2 weeks at #1 overall podcast in New Zealand. Your sponsorship will help us produce better content, as well as allowing us cover hosting costs. A little about us: - Chris is a Web Developer who fancy's himself as a bit of a Harry Styles look-a-like. In reality he looks like a nerdy computer geek. The irony is that is exactly what he is. For the past 5 years he has been living in London doing a bit of travel and continuing to develop the web. Recently, Chris moved back to NZ to get a new job, look for a girlfriend, and make a podcast... As well as continuing his quest to develop the web. - Dan Webby is the consummate performer. Singing, dancing and acting is his life. Working as a technical producer for New Zealand's biggest radio show, Dan handles all the audio side of the show. Dan lives with his mother, building Lego, singing show tunes, snorting with laughter and is always "on". However, its not all theatre and musicals for Dan. He is also incredibly passionate about Motorsport, in particular rally. When he grows up he wants to be a respected motorsport journalist... if he still has a career after this.
Magnifipod está hecho para hacerte pensar cosas raras, para convertir el "pues esto no lo sabía" en una costumbre, para pasear mentalmente por los caminos que conectan las más extravagantes creaciones humanas, con su espacio, con su tiempo, y con el nuestro ¿Cuántos idiomas ficticios se han inventado para películas y series de televisión? ¿Por qué El Escondite no es un deporte olímpico? ¿Cuál es el primer evento registrado en la historia de la humanidad? ¿Por qué es tan difícil diseñar las tetas de los personajes en los videojuegos? ¿Cómo es una isla colonizada por los chimpancés que sobreviven experimentos en laboratorios? ¿Qué pesadillas tiene la gente en diferentes partes del mundo? Nuestro objetivo: que a-lu-ci-nen. Magnifipod is made to make you think about the weird stuff, to make the "well, this i didn´t know" into a habit, to wander in your mind through the roads that connect the most extravagant human creations, with their space, with their time, and with our present. How many artificial languages have been invented for movies and TV shows? Why isn´t "hide and seek" an olympic sport? Why is it such a hassle to design breasts for computer game characters? What´s like to be on an island controlled by chimps that survived lab experiments? How are the different nightmares of the people around the world? Our aim, is for you to FLIP IN COLOURS.
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