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Keepin It 100 With Konnan
Keepin it 100 with Konnan finally brings something different to the very crowded pro wrestling podcast game. With former WCW star Disco Inferno and podcaster/producer Joe "JoJo" Feeney at his side, the legendary K Dogg and the crew chop it up about wrestling all over the world, politics, pop culture, sports, MMA, TV, movies, worldwide culture, and everything in between. To join them on their journey, regular guests like former WWE/WCW/TNA pro wrestlers Shane Helms, Juventud Guerrera, Jeff Jarrett, and another special guest or two each week sit in to enjoy the journey wherever the conversations takes then. With comedy, personal feuds with other podcasts, and music, Keepin It 100 is a five star podcast. It's always fresh, it's innovative, and it blows the wrestling podcast mold apart...FINALLY! There is a worldwide audience, with huge concentrations in America and Mexico, where Konnan is still a huge pop culture star, and runs a successful wrestling promotion, CRASH. But there are also a great deal of fans all through Europe, and Australia. Statistics have show us that while the core of the audience is 18-35 males, there is also a diversity, including teenagers, and women of all ages. On Keepin It 100, we could promote your product in a variety of ways, from 10-60 second ads (which always get conversationally longer, giving you more than your money's worth,) to promoting your song, film, or podcast, to ads customized exactly how the customer wants them. We would also promote your product to our vast social media following.
True Crime Fan Club Podcast
The True Crime Fan Club Podcast has been a one woman show since its conception in October 2016. From research and writing to post production, I do it all! My show features: Immersive storytelling format Focuses on solved cases Aims to tell stories from around the United States and Abroad, although Texas cases do feature more frequently Gaining a reputation for heavy research-based and unbiased storytelling High level of listener engagement Along with handling all of the show production, I also manage three social media accounts, including Patreon (for exclusive listener perks). On a daily basis, I interact with over 3,500 people across all platforms from all over the world. My podcast has ranked in the top 200 of the Apple Podcast charts for Society and Culture and is currently ranked as #38 in the History category. Each month, my numbers grow and typically I expand by an additional 10k each month in total downloads. I will promote products by doing a custom pre-roll ad in the episode, custom mid-roll ad in the episode, provide a link in the show notes, social media mention on each show release day. I find that my audience enjoys the personal touch, so I involve my Husband in recording ads depending on the product. I recently recorded 3 ads with Kind Snacks and the ad with my Husband was well received. I often like to share pictures of me using the product or finding the product in store and sharing the promo. I am a non-stop promoter.
The Exceptional Conservative Network®
We are an Urban Conservative Network with a mission of spreading the Good News of Christianity, Conservatism, Capitalism, Constitutionalism, and Individual Sovereignty throughout the World. We broadcast shows daily on which has over 100,000 subscribers that pay $9.99 per month or $99 annually for membership. TECN® TV offers Live Internet Television for America's Cultural Inner Circle. Our feature shows are The Exceptional Conservative Show® with Ken McClenton, The N.E.W. with Randy and April Purham from Italy, and The Willie Lawson Show. In two years, we have over 293,000 website visits from our amazing audience. Our listeners have two great passions: politics and business. The top language is English however, over 6% of our audience reside in Moscow, RU, Shanghang, CN, and Kiev, UA. Their top activity is online buying and they prefer premium brands. Their preferred wireless carrier is AT&T. Our listening audience is 75% men and 25% women with over 80% married. Our audiences' household income is over $75,000 and has net-worth from $100,000 to $2 million. Over 80% of our audience are homeowners with 41% have completed high school and 41%, college. Our watchers are market leaders and influencers They lead and the world follows. As we expand into Urban Markets, we want your product or service to be remembered for its exceptional quality and overall satisfaction and your company for its commitment to TECN® TV. Use our Internet Television, our website, and commitment to social media marketing to get your business into the hands of those that will profit from your success. We give you access to the lives of mature and maturing adults through Live Internet Television for America's Cultural Inner Circle. We keep you in touch with persons committed to improving the culture through politics and business. We will serve you with a spirit of exceptionalism. TECN® TV is the most profitable choice when advertising to Urban America and the World.
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