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The Striking Corner
The Striking Corner is dedicated to promoting the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the sports of Muay Thai and Kickboxing worldwide. An in depth look at the sport's fighters, trainers, promoters, and fans! Most of our listeners, if not all, are avid combat sports and martial arts fans. They follow major MMA promotions like UFC, Bellator, Invicta FC, One FC, etc as well as rising Kickboxing and Muay Thai promotions such as Lion Fight Promotions, GLORY Kickboxing, and the recently created Bellator Kickboxing. They are also of course fans of boxing. Our fans are interested in such things as fitness apparel, fitness equipment, martial arts apparel, martial arts equipment, fitness competitions, training books and manuals, nutrition, and of course supplements. Because most of our listeners are men, business such as men's fashion and shaving/grooming products also do well with out demographic. These are the business we feel would benefit the most form advertising on our podcast. Our podcast host and producer, Eric Rivera, is former Muay Thai fighter and champion with over 30 fights, who now dedicates his life to teaching and promoting Muay Thai and Kickboxing. He has a background in Graphic Design and Broadcasting having done voice over work, video production, and social media for Univision Communications, Inc. He was featured on Travel Channel's Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and currently works in content management for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Therefore Eric brings a wealth of content and new media experience to our podcast and company and understands how to help promote any business through our podcast. Our co-host and producer Vinny Scotto is also a former Muay Thai fighter and now Muay Thai instructor who owns his own successful gym in Staten Island New York. Vinny has a strong work ethic and nose for business which is why he was brought on board to help secure sponsors and advertisers for The Striking Corner. He is also very well aware of how to help any business grow through their partnership with The Striking Corner.
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