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Shakedown Radio
Legendary Radio DJ Chris Caggs Now on Shakedown Radio “As the music industry develops, DJs are soaring to the top of the entertainment list. Headlining major concerts, festivals and a range of events, DJ’ing is more popular than ever and Chris Caggs is leading the way” If you are in any major city around the world, headlining major concerts, festivals just to name a few, DJs are at the top of the music world in our modern society. You don’t just go to nightclubs and parties to watch DJs perform. Chris Carragher, known as Chris Caggs, is continuing to take on the Australian music scene and is hitting the Australia radio industry by storm. Thanks to his loyal listeners who can’t get enough of Chris’ unique broadcasting techniques, Chris is going to new heights with his mix of the best Hip-Hop, Dance and RnB tunes and his new Shakedown Radio Podcast. Shakedown Radio Podcast is available on iHeart Radio, iTunes and Tune In app. Chris Caggs started his radio career in July 1998 on Sydney’s Pump FM 99.3 in Killara on Sydney’s North Shore – hosting a program called “Bedroom Vibes” on a Tuesday Night which consisted of a music format known as Slow Jam RnB on a station to claim themselves as the 1st Hip Hop and RnB Community Station in Australia. Chris Caggs wanted more airtime so approached a 24/7 365 Days a Year station launching in late 1998 called DJ-FM 87.6 Dance Radio which serviced the Sydney CBD and Inner Suburbs. In particular many record labels supported DJ-FM with music such as Universal Music Group, Sony Entertainment, Warner Music and many others. In October 1999 Chris Caggs was put to air on a new station called Groove FM 96.9fm by Mike Scott, Lawrence Johnson, Stacy Q, Darren Leigh, Yozi and Aaron Eaton. Chris Caggs with Darren Leigh launched Groove FM 97.3 in Brisbane August – September 2000. The Station Groove FM in Brisbane was seen to by DJs Remo and Milton (80’s funk DJs) the biggest project in 20 years. Chris Caggs interviewed his Dad “Gavin Carragher” Australian Olympian 1956 Melbourne Olympics and 1958 Commonwealth Games for Scotland on his inclusion as a track sprinter and discussion on the launch of the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. Gavin Carragher works currently at the Sydney Opera House front of house since it opened in the 1970’s. Over the span of his 20-year career, Chris Caggs has played in numerous major radio stations of Australia that include: • Groove FM 94.5FM & 96.9FM - Sydney Metro Wide • Groove FM 97.3FM - Brisbane Metro Wide
 • DJ-FM 87.6 Dance Radio - Sydney CBD, Inner Suburbs • 2RDJ-FM 88.1FM - Burwood Sydney • 2NSB-FM 99.3FM - Northside Radio - Chatswood Sydney • Pump FM 99.3FM - North Shore RnB/Dance Radio
 • STR8OUT Radio - Melbourne Dance Station • Mix It Up Radio - Brisbane - Talkback & Music Radio • Mixxbosses Radio - Sydney - Hip Hop & RnB
 • Urban Movement Radio - Brisbane - Hip Hop & RnB But it doesn’t stop there, Chris has also featured in interviews for: - North Shore Times - The Queensland Independent - Scene Magazine Brisbane - Three D World Magazine Sydney - Revolver Mag - Groove ON MEDIA - The Music Network - Player FM - The Place Magazine (North Queensland) - Radio Info Newsletter - Request Magazine - AAP Medianet - Mirage News Chris Coggs kick started his 20-year-old career in broadcasting as a radio DJ from 1998 via various Dance and RnB Community Radio Stations located in Sydney and Brisbane. His other interests include music, films, TV, surfing the net, socializing and travelling. He is an avid traveler who has visited 26 countries which include New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Asia, UK and Europe, among others.
Illogical Universe Podcast
The Illogical Universe Podcast focuses on the inane ramblings and random musings of its hosts, Kyle Barrows and Jimmy Schmidt. These two no-names give their spins the greatest questions plaguing the universe since time immemorial; which Pringles flavor reigns supreme, can we ever trace the origin of the phrase “what-da-ya-call-it”, is Tuesday the key to reality as we know it, and, of course, what will Kyle's world domination acceptance speech consist of? These are the burning questions of our time that our brave hosts dare to answer. Well, all that and comic books, movies, video games, pop culture, politics, philosophy, technology, and anecdotes but mostly the other stuff. Either way, The Illogical Universe Podcast is one hell of a ride. While our show may be a bit on the odd side, it has the advantage of drawing in a sincere, dedicated, and diverse fan base. In just over a year of being on the air, we have grown from having almost no listener base to having over 36,000 total downloads (not adding streaming figures) and over 520 downloads per episode. These aren't just local ears either, we have listeners dotted across the globe from Chicago to Dubai. We maintain a special bond with our fans and interact with them on a daily basis (sometimes even while on the air!) As we move forward, we only expect this upward trend to continue and gain momentum. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor with a thriving young show, expose your brand to a wide and dedicated audience, and maybe have some laughs in the process!
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