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Star Wars 7x7 | The Only DAILY Star Wars Podcast
(Description updated 6/17/17) Star Wars 7x7 is the only DAILY Star Wars podcast, and will publish its 1,100th numbered episode on 7/8/17. The show is billed as "Rebel-rousing fun for Everyday Jedi, at least seven minutes a day, seven days a week." The audience, as you might imagine, consists of very dedicated Star Wars fans, and fans who often listen with their Star-Wars-loving kids as well. Because of the short length of the podcast, it's ideal for people who like to fit a daily burst of Star Wars joy into their lives. The lion's share of other Star Wars podcasts come out weekly at best, and often run for an hour or more, which requires a long and open space for people to listen. The format of Star Wars 7x7 makes it much easier to consume. In addition to Star Wars news, trivia, character analysis, and reviews of various storytelling Star Wars media (movies, books, TV shows, comics, games), we also conducted dozens of interviews with Lucasfilm employees and Star Wars creatives on the podcast. Downloads of the podcast are up 69.4% from last year (comparing Jan-May 2017 vs. Jan-May 2016), and host Allen Voivod has made more than a dozen appearances in radio and television interviews in the US and Canada as a Star Wars expert. To promote your business, a 30-second midroll spot on the podcast is just the beginning. We'll also promote you on our social media channels, and coming soon, our livestream and archived video broadcasts. Here's what Jeremy Meadows, Marketing Strategy Senior Manager at Nissan, had to say about their engagement with us to promote the Rogue One Limited Edition Nissan Rogue in April 2017: "Nissan was thrilled to work with Allen and the Star Wars 7x7 podcast. Allen provided excitement and enthusiasm to the ads he created for Nissan and also offered unique opportunities for interviews at Star Wars Celebration for Nissan. We recommend Allen and the Star Wars 7x7 podcast to other brands looking to communicate with Star Wars fans in a fun and engaging way." Now, it's your turn! We'd love to learn more about your business, and determine how best to introduce you to our audience.
Wit Wisdom & Wonder
Wit Wisdom & Wonder are little bits of wisdom from legacy interviews, books, life observation, and words of wisdom from ordinary to extraordinary people. Some things will make you laugh, some will make you say "Wow". Some will make you wonder "What the heck!" Inspiration and motivation can come from the strangest places. Listen closely, the answer to what you are wondering about may just pop up. Wit Wisdom & Wonder episodes are publishes weekly. Your host, Ersula Odom, is an author, radio host, Mary McLeod Bethune chautauquan , motivational speaker and prize winning life lyricist. During interviews and podcasts, Ersula shares the fond and treasured recollections of a country girl whose life was shaped and enriched by the wit, wisdom and love of her grandmother.  Ersula also shares insights learned during her years in a fortune 500 corporation management, from her 150+ published news & magazines, from family life, entrepreneurship , and life itself. Ersula's first book, "At Sula's Feet" further enhances her ability to connect by providing a means of addressing complex issues in lighthearted and simple terms.Her journey takes you down the dirt roads where many of her life lessons were learned in a time that was simple and significant as she wrote in At Sula's Feet. "African Americans of Tampa" has been awarded and gotten rave reviews from the community it addresses. The book of approximately 200 photographs is visually appealing and the information Ersula wrote is educational.  Ersula's third book, "The Doris Ross Reddick Story", documents how one person can make a difference spanning countless generations. Ersula has been researching Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and portraying her for the Florida Humanities Council since 2006, is a member of African American Historical & Genealogical Association, Zeta Phi Beta, the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Economic Impact of Cultural Assets appointed by Tampa’s City Council, The Mayor’s African American Advisory Committee and is president of The Talk of 5508 Toastmasters. All of her experience culminates in interesting and engaging interviews with her podcast guest and personal observations.
Tales From The Flip-Side: The Podcast
Tales From The Flip-Side (formerly Comixstravaganza) is a top ranked weekly arts and culture podcast (syndicated as part of the Diesel Powered Podcast) and video cast (on Our audience is made up of men and women age 18 - 35 interested in sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and comic book pop culture. Our target market reaches your target market. Our current list of affiliates and sponsors includes Audible, Comic Bento, Magic Subscription Box, Go Games & Calendars, Blue Microphones, and Empower Sound. John Pyka Productions has found success in a niche market by creating live and digital entertainment for audiences in the “geek culture” community. The biggest reason to partner with a popular content producer like John Pyka Productions is a simple truth that is very visible: Geek is “in.” With the television and film market dominated by genre fare ranging from horror to fantasy, science fiction to comic books, the undeniable reality is that the geeks have inherited the earth. It is a Culture that deeply values the social connections and community events which bring them together for deeper exploration of the subjects they hold dear. This segment is highly influenced by the “buzz” within their circles, regarding choices of any kind: food and drink, technology, vehicles, home goods and more. There is a core value of fan community support which carries a lot of weight within “geek circles.” Those businesses and groups who support them tend to become “a part of the tribe,” and are remembered when otherwise mundane consumer choices are presented. Whether a small independent operation, or a national corporation, participation in “geek culture” event entertainment makes an impact in penetration across this consumer group. As recently highlighted by the staggering box office success of the comic book films, Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, and Suicide Squad, fans of genre fare are hardly limited to a specific age group or class. Fandom reaches into every age, income, and racial spectrum. Getting in touch with fans directly through the entertainment they consume is a key opportunity for an impression beyond the next video rental or publication purchase, transcending into cars, homes, business services and beyond.
Poop Culture
Rick Mancrush, Shawbag6 & Marc James drop a hot one each week as they push out the boundaries of popular culture. Letting loose craptivating interviews with only the best guests! Listen as the trio releases the kraken on movies, music, television and entertainment. Hunker down and cop-a-squat and enjoy the Poop Culture Podcast today! Proudly part of the PCEU! Subscribe to us on iTunes Our show features 30-60 minutes of banter, and our guests bring in a new audience each week. Some recent guests include: (you can see all of our guests at ) Duddy B- Guitarist/Singer from the band The Dirty Heads Mr Skin - Everyone knows Mr Skin! Wax - Rapper Kevin Martin - Rock singer/songwriter from the band Candlebox Leevi Pukki - Bassist/Vocals from the band Steve 'n' Seagulls Johnny Christmas - Trumpet/Vocals from the band Reel Big Fish Dr Miami - TV Celebrity Brian O'Halloran - Clerks Brandon Hardesty - Singer for the band Bumpin Uglies Mike DeGuzman - from the band passafire Dee Wallace - Actress from ET, Kujo, Critters and many other movies William Katt- Actor from Greatest American Hero and House Charles Band - Full Moon Entertainment, and man behind Puppet Master Lloyd Kaufman - Iconic Troma director, producer, and screenwriter Jim Wynorski - Director of Chopping Mall & 150 other movies Gary Goodridge - Legendary MMA fighter & pioneer of the sport Tyler Mane - Actor from Halloween movies & X-Men Mike Bara - History Channel's Ancient Aliens David Michael Latt - Owner of The Asylum - Producer of 300+ films & Sharknado Daniel Baldwin - One of the legendary Baldwin brothers Nathan James - Lead singer for rock band Inglorious & Superstar finalist Butch Patrick - Eddie Munster from the Munsters Kelli Maroney - Night of the Comet, Chopping Mall, Fast Times at Ridgemont High Bobby Edwards - Owner/Inventor of the Squatty Potty JD Simo - Amazing guitarist & Lead singer of Simo The Mongrels - Punk rock band On top of that, Poop Culture podcast can be found in the top 200 of the iTunes Comedy podcast listings! November 14th 2017, the show hit it's highest peak at #14 on the chart.
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