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The Doug Stewart Show
Radio host Doug Stewart has launched a new online sports radio show that made it's debut in mid September 2014. The Doug Stewart Show features lighthearted sports interviews and commentary that can be heard live through the show’s mobile app and on the show’s website, The Doug Stewart Show offers a fun, lighthearted experience that fans familiar with The 2 Live Stews were longing for. The Doug Stewart Show serves listeners honest, raw, sports takes heard daily from Doug and his fully engaged interactive audience in the live Spreaker chat, the platform from which the show broadcast. Doug conducts interviews with the biggest names in sports, and listeners are consistently entertained. The Doug Stewart show is a harbinger of sports talk candor, says Stewart, a former co-host of the syndicated The 2 Live Stews radio show. Doug's 2 hour show airs Mondays -Friday from 10AM-12PM Eastern Time. The Show is also available as a podcast currently housing more than 300 Episodes, & over 500k downloads and listens to date. Listeners tuning in to the Doug Stewart Show can look forward to high quality audio comparable to terrestrial radio, and are able to call in and interact with Doug. The show is creating a firestorm in the online sports talk radio forums, boasting over 2,200 plus listens through the Spreaker platform alone daily. The show also airs on Stitcher, ITunes and IHeart Radio daily. Doug Stewart is best known for being half of the duo of "The 2 Live Stews" hosted for over a decade with brother Ryan Stewart. The 2 Live Stews debuted in 2001 on Sports Radio 790 The Zone in Atlanta and eventually grew to a nationwide audience. The show, which was best described as “from the basement style sports talk”, gained such popularity that Doug and Ryan were seen regularly on ESPN2’s First Take (cut and paste link) The 2 Live Stews was nationally syndicated via Sporting News Radio and Reach Media and was Broadcast in Atlanta Ga. for over a decade. Growing up in South Carolina, Doug Stewart never dreamed of being a sports radio host. He and his brother, Ryan Stewart, followed the advice of friends one day and called up 790 The Zone to get some air-time to talk sports. This led to the debut of The 2 Live Stews on Sports Radio 790 The Zone in 2001. Their following grew to a nationwide audience. The brothers and the 2 Live Stews were named “Air Talent of the Year by ESPN in 2005.
The Weekly Brew
Hosted by Austin Staton, Kevin Cook and Jeremy Paxton, The Weekly Brew is the voice of Houston for political, social and sports commentary brewed up in an hour or less. We currently have about 8K very engaged, enthusiastic weekly listeners in Houston, most between 21 and 35. We've spent the last year building our content and networking with really strong guests to build up a library of strong episodes and a pretty terrific listenership. Some of our guests include Rockets GM Daryl Morey, TCU head coach Gary Patterson, NBA Star Justise Winslow, Pat Forde from Yahoo Sports, NFL expert John McClain, The Ringer’s Jason Concepcion, former Cy Young winner Doug Drabek and entertainers such as Brooke Evers and Color Theory. Thanks to our great guests, we have content sharing agreements with ROOT SPORTS, VYPE Magazine, Battle Red Blog and more. In addition to sports, politics and pop culture, we've been encouraged to cover things like "what's going on in Houston" and asked what there is to do, because our listeners are typically looking for places to go and fun things to get into once they're off work, and we've had on local bands and artists to promote things going on in the city of Houston, which our listeners have reported back that they enjoy. I'd encourage you to browse through our episode descriptions on iTunes or our website to get an idea of what we're about, or even listen to a few episodes - you'll hear that we do right by our sponsors and put out a terrific product. If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to answer them, or if we can schedule a time to sit down and talk further and bounce ideas off one another about how a partnership would look or work, that would be terrific. Thanks, and I hope to speak soon!
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