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WMFA is a podcast where writers talk writing, hosted and produced by Courtney Balestier. Each episode, I talk with one writer in any genre about their work and process: the big stuff—creativity, inspiration, ideas—and the little stuff—habits, notebooks, time-tested procrastination techniques. (Think Longform + On Being.) New episodes are released every other Wednesday. Guests have included such award-winning and award-nominated authors as Emily St. John Mandel, Garth Greenwell, Jennifer Haigh, Zinzi Clemmons, and Carmen Maria Machado. WMFA has grown steadily since launching in February 2017, with close to 9,000 episodes downloaded in 27 countries, and the show has a 5-star rating on iTunes. The premiere episode, with best-selling author Emily St. John Mandel, has more than 600 total downloads. Ultimately, WMFA is a show for and about creative community. When I launched WMFA, I was an award-nominated journalist with a decade of bylines in publications like the New York Times, Lucky Peach, and Wired. But that work left me creatively unfulfilled, and I'd recently embarked on my real dream: writing a novel. It was exciting, and terrifying. I wanted to talk to people who had done what I was doing, who were also wondering what point of view to use or how to make their characters come alive. I wanted to talk through the doubt, fear, and insecurity that all writers—even the best ones—feel when they show up to the page. I wanted to feel bolstered, less alone. And, I figured, other writers probably did, too. WMFA was born of that desire. I'm honored to have created a space where writers—and creatives of all stripes—can talk, think, and feel about their work. Where they can listen to people who get it, who've been there. In the process, I've gotten to translate my favorite aspect of journalism (sharing ideas) to my passion (creative writing). I'm in the process of growing WMFA with mini-episodes, airing between guest episodes, in which I connect directly to my audience about creative highs and lows that I'm currently working with. I would also love to eventually use the WMFA platform for live events. I am interested in working with advertisers who also value creativity, community, and expression. I can help promote their brands with pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads and would also be interested in discussing special sponsored episodes and events. I look forward to talking about how we can work together.
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