Podcasting in the Age of COVID-19

Published July 15, 2020

No matter the genre, the two goals of a podcast host can be summarized with two verbs; inform and entertain. These goals hold true no matter the world circumstances and should always serve as a subtle guide for the subject matter of your show. But in these uncertain times, the appropriate balance between information and entertainment can be delicate. Remember that podcasts serve as an escape for millions of people around the world. You, as a host, often serve as a trusted voice or friend for your audience. When planning your show, ALWAYS consider the audience and their state of mind. How are they feeling? What do they want to talk about? Remember that while this is your show, the audience should always be considered when determining where the conversation goes — at least if you're hoping to keep listeners around! Right now, COVID19 talk is everywhere, and understandably so. But is that what your audience wants to talk about? Perhaps your podcast focuses on news and/or current events. In that case, your listeners likely expect you to be talking about the virus and tune in for that information. But if your show centers around Hollywood gossip, a listener is likely looking for an escape from the anxiety of sitting inside all day and listening to forecasts about when the world might return to normal. Does that mean you shouldn't mention the virus at all? Not necessarily. If you can present your own anxiety in a relatable way, the conversation can actually help you better connect with listeners. That said, spending a large percentage of your show on this topic is a good way to have listeners turning to something else for a stress release. Bottom line; no matter the world circumstances, always consider the needs of your audience over your own.

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