Are you a marketer looking for a new advertising channel that works? Hundreds of companies are finding new customers with podcast advertising and experiencing great results. Now it's your turn.

Why advertise on podcasts?

The podcast space is growing quickly as now one in five Americans (57+ million) listen to podcasts each and every month. This means your potential customers are already listening and it's time to get your business in front of them. Learn More

We are the world's premier self-serve marketplace for buying & selling podcast advertising.

Our self-serve marketplace makes it easy to shop advertising inventory from hundreds of shows in one convenient location. Quickly review and compare detailed information about each show including show descriptions, audio samples, demographic data, ad inventory with pricing, and more. We provide the necessary tools and data you need to select the best qualified audiences for your business.

Here's how it works...

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Shop Ad Inventory Online

Conveniently shop ad inventory from hundreds of different podcasts in one centralized online marketplace. Each listing contains detailed information including general show information, audience reach, sample audio, listener demographics, and available ad inventory.
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Order Instantly Online

Easily order ad spots directly from shows that interest you. New to podcast advertising? Don't worry AdvertiseCast walks you through the entire process from ordering to your ads going live. You can also message the shows host or reach out to us for additional help.
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Your Ads Go Live

After you order, the publisher will fulfill your order as requested. This includes working with you on your ad script, ad placement (pre, mid, or post), target air date, and social media mentions. When completed, they will report which episode it aired on, a link to the audio file, a link to the show notes page, and more.
the enclosed
"AdvertiseCast has been an amazing partner for Enclosed. They have have helped us reach the specific audience we are looking for - men looking for gifts for their wives and girlfriends. Not only is the AdvertiseCast system easy to use, but the podcast hosts are terrific and give our service authentic, genuine recommendations that truly engage the audience."
~ Antonia Townsend, CEO Enclosed

Full Service Option - How it works

We understand marketers are busy and may not have the time to learn a new advertising channel. Our professional team of ad buyers are standing by ready to service you. We charge a 15% management fee for this service.
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Complete Our Free Proposal Form

To get started, simply take a minute and tell us about your company, the product or service you wish to promote, and any ad budget information. Once completed, a full-service team member will connect with you.
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Complete Our Free Proposal Form

We analyze your data and begin researching our marketplace to find the best available shows. We'll constrain to your budget and give you an advert proposal within 48 hours.
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Complete Our Free Proposal Form

Once the proposal is agreed upon, a team member will go ahead and order the ad spots. We begin working with the podcaster(s) and handle everything from start to completion. Don't worry, we'll communicate everything with you along the way.

Can I track the results of my audio ads?

Yes. Podcast advertising supports direct response ads. What are direct response ads? Direct response advertising enables you to track results from each ad by using coupon codes, unique url's or other means of tracking. In most cases you would tell the listening audience to use a coupon code or give them a direct url to order from. Now you can measure how many coupon codes were redeemed or how many people visited your unique web page link. A great way to track conversions and check your ROI.
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Podcast advertising works well for...

com score

ComScore Reports People Prefer Ads in Podcasts over any other digital medium!

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Ad spots you can purchase in our marketplace

10-Second Shout Out Ad - I will promote your business, product, service, event for 10 seconds on my podcast.
30-Second Sponsored Ad - I will promote your business, product, service, event for 30 seconds on my podcast.
60-Second Sponsored Ad - I will promote your business, product, service, event for 60 seconds on my podcast.
Sponsored Review - I will review your product or service on my podcast.
Guest Interview - I will interview you on my podcast.
Song Play - I will play your song on my podcast.
Podcast Promo - I will promote your podcast on my podcast.
Birthday Wish - I will wish you a happy birthday on my podcast.
Custom Product - Create a custom ad product.


What is podcast advertising?

Podcast advertising in general is when a podcast host favorably endorses your product or service on their podcast (audio show downloaded or streamed from the internet). In most cases, the podcast host will endorse your brand with a 30 or 60 second audio ad read during the beginning or middle part of their show. The audio ad contains information about your product/service, any personal experiences the host has with your product, where listeners can order, coupon codes, unique website landing pages, and more.
Listen to sample podcast ad:

I'm new to podcast advertising, is this a good place to start?

Absolutely. We take the uncertainties out of podcast advertising as you can request a free live audio ad read before you commit to an order. You also don't have to break the bank to test drive your first ad campaign with us as we host hundreds of ad spots priced below $50

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