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Coffee Klatch Crew Podcast
We are a group of friends that never forgot how to have fun. In this podcast we discuss your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and other interesting topics! We do our homework to bring you information on easter eggs, behind-the-scenes secrets, and theories about the current episode. Westworld, Mr. Robot and Game of Thrones are just a few of our favorite reviews. We even have a section in every cast to discuss our listeners’ questions and comments. Join our crew of 50000 listeners and have fun with @ckcpodcast. What is a Coffee Klatch? Coffee Klatch is a term for a casual social gathering for coffee and conversation. That’s exactly what we try to do here on the CKC podcast! Our group stays connected by nerding out on pop culture. We hope that our fun and genuine conversations will soon have you feeling like a part of the crew! We have a main channel - Coffee Klatch Crew, but for every major show we review, we also have a channel just for that show. See here: We do: Game Of Thrones, Westoworld, Mr. Robot, Sherlock, The Magiciians, Doctor Who For every show, we have a large audience that follows us from show to show. Full Show Analysis We break each episode down from top to bottom so you don’t miss anything. Easter Eggs We spend all week looking for any easter eggs the director or writer may have placed! Behind The Scenes We follow all the stars on Social Media and look for any behind-the-scenes stories! Theories We often have theories about the show that actually come true. We also love to let our imaginations run wild and come up with crazy theories. We Do Our Homework We no longer have a life. We take copious notes and fact check to make sure we get it right. Of course, sometimes we flub up. Hey, no one’s perfect! Fan Interaction We love to hear from you. You can email us or write to us on FB / Twitter and we will write back and talk about it on the cast! You are part of the story!
Done Being Single
Done Being Single is a dating and relationship podcast on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. Hosted by husband and wife team (and marriage first-timers in their 50s) Robby & Treva Scharf, Done Being Single covers all aspects of dating, being single, and finding love later in life. With over 200K active listeners, Done Being Single is the go-to podcast for tough love dating intervention, life advice, sex tips self-help, and personal growth. Their guest list includes renowned dating coaches, relationship experts, best-selling authors, therapists, thought leaders and influencers, all sharing their wisdom to help people navigate modern love. Our demographic is the ideal audience for sponsors who want to reach a slightly older group of singles as well as people in established relationships that are looking to learn how to be better at love. We welcome sponsors from all areas including medical, fashion, travel, personal hygiene, technology, auto industry, home improvement, food, entertainment, health & wellness, beauty, sports & recreation, etc. The midlife market is huge, underserved, and has enormous spending power. They are hungry for information, inspiration and have the means to seek out better ways to constantly improve their lives. Even though our new shows drop every Thursday @ 3:00 PST, we have the ability to add new Sponsors' ads to previously aired shows, so their ads will reach our audience in ALL of our shows, plus we're able to update these ads as needed so they're always timely. (Please contact us with any questions). Thank you for considering us!
Serial Chillers Podcast
The Serial Chillers Podcast is hosted by me Jesse and each week I sit down with old friends, new friends, good friends and bad friends to tell a story of an infamous serial killer. Throughout the show the guests, or "Serial Chillers" as I call them, chime in and have stories that, are True crime, dark, creepy, unsolved or otherwise mysterious. Additionally it is a gameshow. The Serial Chillers come locked and loaded with a story of their own as well as compete to be the winner of the show. They answer questions about a serial killer that they may or may not have knowledge about. We have a lot of great stories that come through and even though it is essentially a true crime serial killer podcast, we have a good laugh from time to time. My audience while growing is diverse and active. They really like some of the cross platform stuff I have going, like streaming video games and the social media pages. I have a current show "sponsor" with a promo code and they are active shoppers using this promo code for a clothing/beer accessories brand. I would like to find a few advertisers who I feel would benefit from advertising on this show due to the high number or engagements that it receives, and how active the fanbase is. I am very active on the social medias and as I stated above I also do video game streaming and guest spots on other podcasts as often as I can. If there was a company willing to advertise with my show, I would make sure you got far more than your money's worth while making you wonder why you hadn't advertised here sooner. I think that paired with the right advertisers we could both share a very successful relationship that is mutually beneficial. Thanks
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